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  1.  Welcome to Rapture


    This is one of the best game memorabelia I have ever bought. It comes fully working with batteries looks just like the photo. So happy with this item, I hope they bring out a version of ADAM, one last note it's not small it looks like the same size as the game makes you feel like your in Rapture, yes it's plastic but don't let that put you off buying this piece of Rapture.

  2.  Ve have ways of making you talk!


    This is a review of single player only. I love this game, i am a huge fan of the original and all i can say what an improvement. The cut scenes are pretty, the storyline is brilliant, you have grunt running like in gears of war, the health bar is taken from gears (but don't let that persuade you not to buy this game if you didn't enjoy gears). The use of free roaming is excellent, you can go from point A to point D back to point C instead ABCD. Doesn't help you like a child trying to swim, this game picks you up and throws you in the deep end. Monsters, Nazis, Super soldier's, invisble assasins, Nazis monsters what more could you want from this excellent sequel to a grand old game!

  3.  How HollyWood horror should be


    I loved this film, it was scary creepy and has so many twists and turns you think your in a carnival ride. Everything was perfect about this film, the story was original, the suspense was very suspensful (if that is even a word) the settings and mood was creepy and frightning even though some of the film is shot in the daylight, the horror and the blood was brilliantly done. I find no fault with this film and the ending was so perfect i was surprised it happened the way it did. Buy this film i urge you you'll never look in a mirror the same way again

  4.  Don't expect Hollywood


    I will be the first to admit this film's graphics are not up to hollywood graphics but if you ignore that for a film that was made by a small british island with a budget of next to nothing it is very very impressive. I went to the cinema to see this film and the only bad graphics i could see was about a 10second window, it is so small you don't notice unless you are looking for it. This film has some of the best actors it has Hellboy and The Punisher what more could you want from a film. In short i loved this film, my whole family loved this film, my brother who is not a fan of this kinda movies loved it. Don't think of this film as a million dollar hollywood film think of it as a great actors doing a damn fine small budget film.

  5.  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!


    When i first plaed this game a few days ago i thought, this is rubbish but after playing it a bit more and giving it a chance, this is one of the best games on the360. Free roaming, tough as nails enemys, excellnt powers this is Crackdown for adults! I suggest to everyone to buy this game for its gore, story line, hijacking tanks and people and leaping from tall buildings and leaving a giant crter sized hole in the ground.

  6.  Worse thing since Scary Movie 3


    This is the worse horror spoof since scary ovie 3, this was not funny in the least, the acting was wodden, was an all around terrible film. Don't buy unless you find Gavin and Stacey funny as i do not

  7.  Erm.....Boring


    That's all i'm going to say on this, far to over-hyped not his best film by far.

  8.  Welcome back Mr.Manson


    After reading an interview with the great man himself i can see where a lot of this album came from, after all the problems his exe's have put him through this album is back to basics and with Twiggy back on board this album is brilliant. As with every album he has done (except maybe the last one), this one has gone in a different direction my favourite songs are without a doubt Pretty As A ($) you'll understand why on the album it isn't a swastika, but none the less this is an album that delves deep into the man himself, if you are a fan of Manson and his cohorts then buy this if your just starting out listening to good music then buy this, you won't regret this

  9.  Music for the heart


    I love Deathstars, this album is one of their best, it may only be their 3rd album but it is a fantastic album. After buying this album i was hooked my favourite songs are Night Electric Night and Blood Stains Blondes. They are one of the best bands i have heard live, perfect just like the album. I'd advise anyone who enjoys the sounds of metal sung and played by hot guys then buy this for the sake of your music collection

  10.  This is not Dead Or Alive


    This is the worse video game adaption ever, no good story line doesn't follow the video game at all! when did DOA have swords!?!?!?!?!?! If you are a fan of the game francise then don't buy this if you loved DOA: VolleyBall then buy this, as you won't need a brain after it or during this terrible film