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  1.  Thripenny Bit!


    Absolute rubbish! watched 40 mins and turned it off, I like Ray Whinstone and had high hopes for this but oh no! the action/violence from the start was unconvincing, the script was atrocious and for the most part in Ray Whinstones case mumbled, apart from when he was shouting 'Were the ***** sweeny you *****!

  2.  Some 'Grey' areas.


    Hmmm, not the worst film ive seen but felt a little disapointed, could have been great with a better script, and wolves of a more lifelike size, didnt need CGI wolves-wolf heads as big as grizley bears, the long shots of the pack were good as they were real and the scenery-cinematography brilliant.

  3.  Well worth a watch


    Great movie, came across this while browsing play.coms lists, never heard of it but it got some great reviews, so took a chance, glad i did, a couple of hours well spent.

  4.  High Court Hustler


    Great movie 'Woody Harrelson' was excellent as was 'Courtney Love' especially in the later scenes as 'Larry's' morphine addicted wife, brilliant court scenes, brilliant script, America,The home of the brave, and the land of the freeeeee ? well worth a watch.

  5.  Disapointing


    Really wanted to be able to give this a good review, what a story, the struggle of a few farm labourers taking a stand against greedy land lords for a decent living wage and were severely punished for it, unfortunately this film didnt live up to expectations, i knew it wouldnt have the same production values as hollywood, being a Channel 4 production it has a mainly unknown cast although there are some big names 'Micheal Horden, James Fox, Vanessa Redgrave' and some who would go onto better things 'Phil Daniels, Keith Allen, Imelda Staunton' Channel 4 do make some great films-documentaries Comrades wasnt one of them. The opening scene was im sure an out take from Monty Pythons Holy Grail, then virtualy nothing happened for an hour or so, suddenly the Martyrs were arrested,tried,convicted and transported all in about 3 mins the most important aspect of the story, the court case, was completely overlooked, the rest of the film was a mish mash of scenes i doubt had much basis in fact more likely they were dreampt up by the writer-director Bill Douglas. I have a great respect for people who stand up for their beliefs-rights, im sure the decendants of George Loveless and the other men are proud of their forefathers i just dont think Comrades do's them justice

  6.  Deeply dark


    Got this after buying 'Snowtown' as one of the reviewers said they were of the same ilk. A hardhitting disturbing film, that makes you think however crappy your life may sometimes seem theres always some poor sap worse off, the lead parts were excellently played 'Hannah, Olivia Colman' was brilliant, having only ever seen her in comedies before 'Peep show, Rev, Twenty twelve' seeing her in a serious role was amazing, her reaction to the threat in the charity shop was heart breaking. Domestic violence at its worst, comparable to 'Nil by mouth'.

  7.  No no no please stop this!!!!


    Not the kind of film id usualy buy, to be honest its not the kind of film id even watch, so when i was subjected to this garbage i knew it wouldnt be long before it was ejected, probably about 20 minutes in fact, the reviews on the box 'very very very funny' ect are complete lies, the laughs are as elusive as a 'Higgs-Boson 'particle, its my own fault i knew i shouldnt have bothered but at least my curiosity has been quenched and i wont ever be tempted again to borrow a supposed comedy from ???? you know who you are, mind you even they thought it was rubbish, and did warn me, but sometimes you fall into the trap and need to punish your senses to snap out of it.

  8.  Nearly 10 hours of intrigue


    Excellent, was going to just get the new 'GWTDT' with Daniel Craig but read the reviews saying the origional was brilliant so ended up going for the trilogy, had listened to 'GWTDT' on an audio book just a week before and really enjoyed it, obviously i knew the end and 'who dunnit' but still a great watch, didnt know any thing about 'GWPWF or GWKTHN' and they were just as good although i have to agree with previous reviewers they were grainy, this didnt in any way spoil the story but it did have me wondering why. Watched them in dubbed english rather than subtitled and found the voice artists were very good and didnt resort to silly characature scoodly doodly woodly muppet chef talk.

  9.  Watch it if you can


    Snowtown is a hard film to watch, the worst place in australia inhabited by people who are shall we say not easy on the eye, i think i can assure a previous reviewer John Bunting was more than an 'over zealous vigilante' he was more sadistic psycopath! the execution/murder of Troy was the stuff of nightmares! felt sorry for Jamie the way he was dragged into Buntings mad mad world was tragic. Id never heard of Snowtown or John Bunting and came across the blu ray while browsing play.com, read the reviews, googled John Bunting and wanted to see for myself, cant say i enjoyed it but it is well worth a watch.

  10.  Wooly Wolfman


    Really dissapointed in this, the origional 1941 version was far better and probably cost less than Del Torros beard, which by the way looked more wolf like in the closing scenes of 'Che' to much CGI save all that for sci-fi, horror can be successfully done with make up if it has a decent plot eg 'The Exorsist, The Omen, The Shining, The Silence of the Lambs' et all, even the old black n whites 'Dracula, Bella Lugosi-Frankenstein, Boris Karloff and of course The Wolfman, Lon Channey jnr' were all better than this over hyped nonsence, a waste of Del Torros-Hopkins tallent.