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  1.  Good digital photo frame


    Bought one of these for my parents for Xmas. Digital cameras mean that all your photos end up on the PC and you don't show them to people as much as the old "packet of photos".
    So got a digital frame to display the digital photos.
    Picture quality is great. Its running a constant slideshow and never turn it off.
    Only problem is the remote control frequencies seem to clash with other devices - e.g. the TV, or the DVD player. The photo frame remote doesn't affect any other devices, but somehow when you're trying to turn on the DVD, or skip forward or pause the DVD using the DVD remote the photoframe will turn off, or switch to the menu, or change the view mode from photo to calendar - it seems totally random. And ts really annoying.
    If it wasn't for this annoying problem I'd give the frame itself 4 or even 5 stars.

  2.  proper page-turner


    I've just started reading this book, the 3rd in the Yelena Zaltana series. The previous two books (Poison Study, Magic Study) were excellent. The plot centres around Yelena for the whole of the book and doesn't twist and turn and branch off to other minor or supporting characters like many other authors tend to do. This keeps the story extremely fast paced - every page is about Yelena - and it just sucks you in. Normally I read a few pages, maybe a chapter before I go to sleep. These books kept me up until the early hours of the morning - I just couldn't put them down. From the 30 or so pages I've read so far, this 3rd installment is no exception- I have to force myself to stop reading after a few chapters otherwise I'd go through the whole thing in one or two sessions!
    I just hope Maria V Snyder keeps writing these excellent stories - as long as she does and they stay this good, I'll keep buying them.

  3.  Fantastic


    I've tried several of these "one for all" type rermotes in the past and could never get them to control everything just right. There was always buttons missing, or functions on my original remote that I couldn't find an equiavelent for.

    This Harmony 515 is superb. It does take some fiddling to get it set up just right - it took me 3 sessions totalling a couple of hours until I was finally happy with it.
    The PC software you use to program the remote is excellent. You can set up "Activities" like 'Watch DVD' and it will turn on your TV, DVD player and AV Amp and set them all to the correct channels and inputs etc.
    You can also set up individual "Devices" - e.g. AV AMP, TV, DVD - and just control them seperately.
    If a function for your kit doesn't map onto a specific button on the remote you can add an extra 'button' that maps to the four buttons either side of the LCD panel and the name of the function appears on the LCD screen next to its associated button. e.g. I couldn't find a button to use for my AV Receiver function to scroll through the various DSP modes (SURROUND, ROCK, HALL, CHURCH, etc) so I created one called "DSP". and "Learned" the function from my Amp's original remote. So now, when I select my "AV AMP" device "DSP" appears in the LCD screen and if I press the button next to it then it scrolls through the DSP settings. You can set up dozens of extra 'buttons' in this way so while the remote itself controls the basic functions (volume up/down, channel up/down, play, skip, reqind, etc etc) you can still program it for all the extra less used functions of your various equipment (DSP settings, setup menus, etc).

    Harmony maintain a huge database containing thousands IR codes for TV's, DVD players, Amplifiers, etc etc so you will need to know the manufacturer and model number for all your various equipment. The programming software then connects to Harmony via your PC's internet link and downloads all the codes for each device - so you will need a PC connecte to the internet to set this thing up.

    Basically, thats all there is to it. As long as you're prepared to spend some time customising it you can make it do exacly what you want.
    Believe me, I consider myself to be extremely picky about having a remote control that I can do everything with, and this is the first one I've tried that I can set up to completely replace all my original equipment remotes.
    Play.com had it for the lowest price I could find too.

    ** Review Updated 26 March 2010 **
    I've had this remote for a couple of months now. I just want to confirm that its STILL the best 'one-for-all' remote I've ever had.
    Once I started using it regularly I found I had to tweak some of the button assignments, but even when I've had to 'teach' it additional original remote functions I've had zero problems getting it to learn from the original remote.
    I find the extra 4 buttons by the LCD panel are fantastic for assigning odd functions (like menu and setup buttons for my various bits of kit, or buttons to enter the timer recording menus on my DVD-R).
    Just thought I'd confirm my original 5 stars once I'd lived with it for a while. If I could give it 6 stars, I would.

  4.  Davva


    Really good light-hearted read. Kind of like an episode of startrek ... for almost the entire book things are going from bad to worse and seems like its all going down the pan, then in the last 20 or so pages, all comes right in the end.
    It feels like it should be the 1st book in a series, but I haven't seen any sequels yet.
    Also K E Mills is an alias for Karen Miller, so if you like any of Karen Millers books (e.g. Innocent Mage series) then you'll enjoy this one too.