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  1.  Brilliant documentary NOT stand up


    This DVD is not a stand up DVD it's more of a behind the scenes documentary on the tour that doesn't tour, tour. It does have clips of material that wasn't on the original DVD, the gypsy wedding sketch was brilliant. I must watch for any Peter Kay fan

  2.  its a grower


    didnt really get the type of comedy 1st time round, but its deffo a grower and gets more funny the more u wach it

  3.  could hav been better


    this is miles apart from superbad and american pie, hate films where they have the film done asif it was filmed on a camcorder by the actors in the film. the story could have been so much better but i suppose they then would get classed as copying other great teen films.

  4.  Terrible


    the title says it all really, story is poor and slow going, i wish directors will learn that having a few jumpy moments in films doesnt make a good film, couldnt believe that harry potter was cast as main roll (i know thats not his real name), a poor choice for me, they should have used an older actor for me!!

  5.  Decent


    quite enjoyed this film, parts were a bit boring and film could hav been made shorter but was an alright feel good film. the type of film u could sit down and watch with your mum after sunday dinner!! :o)



    O.M.G !! another over hyped 'Horror' film, dont waste your time, a few jumpy bits but the story line is rubbish and ending even worse!!!

  7.  Brilliant


    loved this film, so glad i got to see it before it went off at the cinema, this could almost be called the italian job 2, wahlberg plays more or less the same charachter but maybe is a bit more brutal in this!! a must see!!

  8.  ok i guess


    this is miles apart from gran tarino, the fight seens are slow and the trailer makes the film look a lot better than it is, but i suppose its not worst film ive seen, a few good 1 liner comedy spots but there are a lot better films out there, with better fight seens



    this film is awful, the trailer for this film is very missleading, very slow moving plot, and then after sitting through it there isnt an ending!! 1 of worst films ive seen.

  10.  not worth £10


    very poor, not smooth gaming at all!!! this is 1 to be traded in!!