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  1.  Amazing Album


    Absolutly fantastic album. The remix's are brilliant (Example and Kelis) and keep the songs modern after i played them out a bit. Not really a bad song on the album in my opinion, although I'm a huge Calvin fan. Drinking From The Bottle (Tinie Tempah) and Here 2 China (Dizzee Rascal) are two of my favourite tracks of the year, absolutly brilliant and definitly worth buying, even for them two tracks alone!

  2.  Enjoyable but very different to normal Forza


    I bet if this game was called something other than Forza it would be rated quite highly. It's enjoyable, much less serious than previous Forza's. The noise of the cars is much improved, cars sound how they should (AMG Mercedes and lumpy idle tuned rx7 being most noteable). Driving around looking for classic barn finds is great. But story is short and takes about a week at most to finish the game (compared to Forza 4's endless months) and online doesn't seem to be about racing, more hit the other cars and battle to win. Poor selection of cars to, cant buy what you can race, also, new car pack was released as the game was, more money grabbing from Forza as usual

  3.  A Huge Leap In The Wrong Direction


    I loved Assassin's Creed 1 and 2 and had high hopes for this one. Read a lot of great reviews and expected a lot, unforuntatly it didn't deliver. Clumsy gameplay, it's hard to get your assassin to jump where you want him to go. Stealth is almost non existant and far too many scenes and clips, if I wanted to watch a film, I'd put on a dvd. People disappear and reappear randomly. Very disappointed. I will admit though, graphics are great as are the multiple kill moves. 2 stars is being kind i think :(

  4.  Not About The Cars So Much


    Seems to be a pretty decent film but this time round they don't seem to have focused on the cars much. A proper story line which isn't bad but I thought there was a little too much talking and not enough action/car chases. Still not as good as the first film i feel

  5.  As You'd Expect From Jason Statham


    If you enjoyed the first film, Crank, then you'd like this. Same basic idea of all out action with even more random bits thrown in. Great film, just as you would expect from Statham. Would recommend it

  6.  Brilliant...and thats the bottom line!


    Great to see Steve Austin back on our screens (even if it isn't wrestling). Didn't know what to expect of this film but i throughly enjoyed it. Action for most of the way through, keeps you entertained. Some great fight scenes and a pretty good story to. Definitly worth the cheap price!!

  7.  Best X-Men Film Yet


    Watched every x men film to date, not a huge fan really but thy aren't bad films. I personally thought this was the best by a long shot. Good story and a good bit of action throughout

  8.  Brilliant But Too Short


    Never watched a batman film before and I'm not a fan of him but regardless, you don't need to like batman or anything to do with him to enjoy this game. Fantastic gameplay and the graphics are some of the best Ive seen on the 360, the only thing stopping me giving this a 5 star is that it's just too short. Would recommend it though

  9.  Not Half As Good As It Looks


    Fun game for about 3 days, far too short and unrealistic. The cars looks great, tuning potential is very good and they sound brilliant right down to every detail of back firing and brake squeal but the gameplay really let it down unfortunatly

  10. One Love

    One Love

    David Guetta - CD

    1 New from  €10.94  Free delivery

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    One of the best Cd's Ive heard for a long time. Don't think there is a bad song on the whole album, brilliant cd