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  1.  Best Ishiguro book by far


    Not to sound like a copycat but this is one of the best books I have read in my life. Beautifully written with its restrained prose, it evokes so much emotion in the reader - feelings of regret, guilt, disappointment, lack of fulfilment and loneliness, just to name a few. I have read most of Ishiguro's books and this beats them all. Not overly-sentimental or sensationalist - just utterly beautiful!

  2.  Refreshingly new perspective on fulfilled lives


    Very interesting and accessible for a person with no psychiatric background but just a keen interest in learning more about solitude. I really like the way Storr sheds new light on solitude, highlighting that it should not be simply categorised as a negative part of life. So much of the media tells us that relationships are what fulfil us so this is a very interesting read in that Storr feels that this emphasis is not only mislaid but potentially destructive for those souls who enjoy their own company. One shouldn't look down upon others for enjoying the quiet; rather, it is when the most creative parts of the mind are nurtured. A nice reassuring read that isn't afraid to criticise the "greats" such as Freud and Jung and offer a new exciting point of view.

  3.  Sensationalist, half-baked lazy "feminism"


    I bought this book on the strength of recommendations and other reviews and being a supporter of all things that celebrate the strength of women, I was looking forward to this read. However, I have to say I didn't enjoy it at all. I found the writing incredibly dull - pretentious "funny" anecdotes which did not offer anything new to the modern feminist. I also find Caitlin Moran's style of writing incredibly annoying and trying far too hard to be quirky.
    A lot of her observations were unoriginal and littered with swear words and stories about sex just to make things a little more "gritty". Amazingly marketed... this book is just about everywhere with rave reviews but if you are truly interested in feminist observations, this reads more like a trashy magazine with some patronising asides than anything truly interesting or illuminating. A true disappointment.