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  1.  Fun but for how long!!!!!


    I was thrilled when I heard Activision where releasing prototype 2 and with the trailer looking as awesome as the soundtrack I was Evan more buzzing for the release date Ive been playing prototype 2 for a few days now so ill try and sum up a few key points The storyline What I no so far anyway those of you who played prototype 1 will no the basics The character Alex mercer who gets infected with some sort of virus and then is on a hunt to find his girlfriend bla bla bla. Well not to give away too much prototype 2 starts with the new main character James Heller being infected my Alex mercer to show him the truth off black watch so you can both hunt them down and show everyone the truth of the plague and clear your names This presents the main objective off the game The gameplay once again is a sandbox game with the freedom to jump glide and run across a large variety of 3 different islands If your like me and find the simple things in life amusing then you will spend a lot of your first few hours on this game running up walls and jumping off tall buildings Its awesome The fighting has improved since the last game with a whole load of new weapons and upgrades at your disposal and all very simple to use with a very good tutorial on how to use each power/weapon The only negative I have so far is that I worry it might get a tad repetitive as the side quests seem not to change and most of the ways to get the upgrades is through these mini missions I also find the new sneak attack system can get very irritating when you have to sneak attack a large group But like I said I have only played this game a few days now and there is still so much more to do and unlock.