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  1.  Some issues and misrepresentation but generally good


    CONNECTIONS. First of all Id like to say the TV is good for its price but dont be missold. The tv says that it has a *Ypbpr component*. It in fact does not. This was one of the reasons I bought the TV as my console has these outputs but didnt come with an hdmi lead. Upon reading the instructions it says that you need to buy an adapter and then plug it in to the VGA slot. If you have to buy an adapter then the TV is not compatible. Otherwise you could write its compatible with absolutely everything. So I went and bought an hdmi cable and I now have my console connected but the hdmi port in the back of the TV has some movement in it and requires a little bit of fiddling to get the picture to come through without fuzz. This was half the reason I sold my last TV.

    SCREEN. The screen is pretty decent when youve got a DVD in it or a scart or hdmi connection but channels on freeview are poor. The picture is grainy. That could be compatibility issues with HD tv trying to produce a signal out of regular freeview. Either way if youve got sky or cable itll probably be fine. The resolution is great with external devices and the internal DVD player. Mine came with a single dead pixel from the start *unfortunately* but its not visible until the screen goes darker in that area. The picture looked really funny when I got the TV but as soon as you go in to the settings and have a play you can make it look nice.

    SOUND. As with most super slim TVs its absolutely abysmal. Im a music porducer so perhaps Ive got a bit more of a keen ear than Joe Bloggs from the street but its tinny and fires sound off in all sorts of directions. Sometimes it causes a cool surround sound effect due to the acoustics in my room. Plug it in to a stereo or some monitors and the jobs a goodn but dont bother messing around with the EQ settings on the TV. ESPECIALLY THE BASS. The two bass EQ sliders it has distort when the levels are turned anything past 2 clicks and the speakers arent all that great to start with so you dont want to go blowing them. My advice = if you want good sound quality with any slim tv get external speakers.

    GENERAL. Although Ive slated this TV a fair amount up there its 140 pounds delivered. The screen is very good *minus the dead pixels* and its quite the bargain. The DVD player is a bit noisey.

    DONT BE TRICKED in to thinking that this is a Samsung TV. The screen is the same as youd find in one of the Samsung TV range but it is not Samsung. In fact it lacks any sort of branding at all. That doesnt bother me but just a hint.

    BUY IT.

  2.  Fisual Pro Install Series 3.5mm Stereo male to male 5m lead


    Awesome for the price. A decent length for wiring stuff up over your studio and I definitely heard an increase in sound depth. Produced a fuller, richer sound and considering the lead was only 6 pounds it's pretty thick too (almost certainly where the sound quality comes from). Well worth the money!