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  1.  Great Game for any Lego game fan


    This game is superb. As the last reviewer says there is so much to it. It will never get boring.

    I was a little hesitant to buy this as my 5 and 7 year olds already had the first indie (and never leave it alone) but this is great. We have not played many levels yet but it seems that all the old levels from the first indie have been re-written and now there are many more features including treasure levels, hidden levels, and levels within levels.

    Plus they have finally sorted the one thing about lego games that got my children shouting at each other. How many times did they play the last indie, Batman, or Star wars and started shouting at each other for going the way the other did not want to go. With this indie they have created a new intelegent split screen that splits automatically when players walk away from each other. Problem truely solved. All future Lego games MUST have this feature.

    A must have for kids and adults. Highly recommend!!!

  2.  Do not buy this film


    I loved the book and cannot believe how much the film version sucked.

    It seems obvious that whoever wrote the screenplay didn't bother reading the book first and was just handed a one page summary of what it was about. For those who have read the book, here are some notable scenes:

    Fires at the oil refinery/tanker and all subsequent fires - Not in the film.
    Bluewater - Not in the film
    Dartford Tunnel - Not in the film
    Floating body on the Jubilee line - Not in the film
    London Eye - Not in the film

    Of course you're wondering what was in the film, where I am wondering why have I just wasted two hours of my life.

    For those who have not read the book, please do not buy this but direct yourself to the book, Which Play also sells and I do recommend.

    As for the filmakers, you really need to send Richard Doyle an apology.