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  1.  In tears!


    I picked this book up twice by accident in two different shops,and each time within seconds i was reduced to a gibbering wreck of laughter! Just pick any page and i guarantee you'll instantly be in tears laughing at the anecdotes. The one about Mrs Tait is a masterpiece of comedy writing. A must read!

  2.  Completely overlooked & underrated!


    Fantastic film, filmed on what looks like a very modest budget. The tension between Hackman and Freeman is electric, and the exchanges between them are ones to savour. Brilliant directing and acting, a well-written script, and good performance from the gorgeous Monica Bellucci in a supporting role. We don't know until the end whether to think of Hackman's character as guilty or whether to be on his side, which is testimony to all involved in the writing & screenplay, let alone the acting & directing. A must-see film

  3.  Dull


    How disappointing. A good film involves the viewer being 'involved 'in the film as an invisible person, someone who cares about what happens to the main characters. As a viewer you are not engaged at all with what is happening.

    This film is just so uninteresting and lacks any appeal, no wonder it only had a brief time at the box office, certainly in the United Kingdom. You really do not care what happens to any of the characters in this film, so consequently it fails as a film.

    Good acting is one thing, but good film making is another, and Clint has unfortunately missed the mark here. Watch 'Under Suspicion' to see how it should be done

  4.  fantastic!!


    I have never been able to 'like' the Doctor Who on televison that came after Sylvester McCoy, which is possibly down to age (i'm 39). When growing up in the 70's the genuinely frightening programmes that John Pertwee, and to a greater extent Tom Baker's tv episodes contained, laid down the standards in my mind that i have naturally continued to hold, and they have thus had a great impact on the judgement of things that have come later in my life.

    I listened to this cd in my car on the way to & from work in January of this year, and aside from it being a superbly written story, with very well-defined characters, what pleased me most about it was how i didn't get it all upon first listen, but was so impressed by that almost undescribable 'something' (same as with certain films or songs / albums) that draws you to something, and which put such a vivid, enjoyable & escapist picture in my mind that it meritted a 2nd, 3rd and 4th listen to understand and picture it all.

    This is a true measure of how good somehting is. Am now pawing through other Doctor who audio cd's on this site in the hope of choosing some others that are similarly brilliant.

  5.  good, but not their best by some margin


    Some good songs, like 'cemeteries of london' and 'lost!', but after that it loses its way and its a very on/off affair. '42' is weak, 'lovers in Japan' makes amends and is great, but then the album loses it again as 'Reign of love' comes in. 'Yes' is very good, but is impossible to access easily with a cd player as its buried within 'Reign of Love'. 'Violet hill' is a weak single, but then the following 'Strawberry Hill' and 'Death and all his friends' are excellent.

    Unlike 'A rush of blood to the head' (their best in my humble..), this album is not one that comes across as 'brilliant' as you have to skip songs if you want to hear consistant high quality Coldplay music.

    Not surprised to hear Chris Martin speculating that they'll pack it in soon

  6. Forth


    The Verve - CD

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     Weak, only 2 or 3 good tunes


    This album comes across more as a Richard Ashcroft album than a much anticipated Verve one. Its all strings & vocal washes. Nick McCabe's lead work has all but disappeared. Its very disappointing, nowhere even approaching the feel of 'A storm in Heaven' or the greatness of 'Urban Hymns'. The b-sides back then were fantastic, however most of the album tracks here wouldn't even make a b-side of theirs in the past. The Verve, good live no doubt, but ultimately living off their past successes. Avoid