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  1.  great physical design...with a great technical flaw


    as the title of this review suggests, you cant fault its design as a case. it looks good and its hardy but it has a BIG fault that isn't obvious at first. When you call someone, or vice versa, 90% of the time the person on the other end hears a long rebound of their voice. You, on the other hand, are oblivious to this until it is pointed out. Once you take the case off the line goes as it should be. How this flaw slipped through otterbox's tests i do not know.

    it seems to be only the Galaxy S2 that is affected by this as all other otterbox cases i have had were fantastic. ive heard of people cutting squares into their otterbox case, near to the camera to alleviate the problem, but i wasnt prepared to do that with mine.

    I still use my case when im in work as i dont make calls there, only text and use the internet whilst on designated breaks.

  2.  another solid effort from this consistent band


    Ive been a fan of Gomez since day one, Ive followed them throughout their career and have always admired their musicianship and ability to sound totally unique to their peers and be able to create catchy songs that cover a diverse range of genres.

    during the initial listen to this album the first thing that struck me was the production, it seem far too polished and not recorded with a live feel to it. Ive got to admit, nothing really stood out. This didnt put me off though as I know Gomez albums sometimes need a bit of time dedicating to them to explore the different layers and soundscapes. After a few listens to it I became fond of few tracks particularly "The Place And The People" . After half a dozen listens the album really started to shine even the slower songs that dont instantly grab you began to grow on me. There really isnt a bad track on it.

    So overall it is a really strong album, probably their strongest release since Split The Difference back in the early 2000's. The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is I still feel as though Gomez have lost that ambitious, experimental edge they had on their first 2 albums. They have found a good formula and they really do sound like they are enjoying what theyre doing, but it does tend to run inside a comfortable zone without trying to expand themselves any further....... But Im more than happy listening to them within this place!!

  3.  great protector


    with a little self manufacturing with a pair a scissors ive found these great to fit onto my LG cookie, after a few applications i got the hang of how to put them on without bubbling, ive found they have a life of around 4months (with very regular use of the phone). Only reason i havent given 5 star is because i they need a little bit of a chopping to put onto my phone

  4.  Urban Folk at its best...


    Jons' music is rooted in folk but blends this with what i would call urban lyrics people from all walks of life can relate to. A great spokesman for our generation providing a fine eye for observation of the modern world with a twist of dark and mischievous humour. Halfway To Ruin is brilliant song and tribute to his father, who is obviously a big influence to his music.