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  1.  Amazing


    Without a doubt THE best Tomb Raider game I've played to date. This game just keeps giving - it keeps you totally engrossed right to the end credits. Graphics are gorgeous, gameplay is perfect - just the right balance between combat and exploration - I can't fault it anywhere. An essential purchase - buy it now.

  2.  Brilliant


    I loved the previous game - personally thought it was better than the COD offerings, so was looking forward to this a lot. It doesn't disappoint - right from the start it looks and plays brilliantly - the sounds of the weapons has been captured perfectly - it's almost scary! Nothing else to add - if you like COD type games then you'll like this.

  3.  Truly awful


    I don't know who picked the cast for this movie - maybe they were trying to distract the audience away from the boring storyline with the laughably bad acting by some of the characters. The worst offenders being a scottish woman and some ginger cockney guy.

    The visuals are stunning however - Ridley Scott did a great job directing (as usual) but the storyline and everything else pretty much sucks.

  4.  Good game


    If stealth games are your bag then you'll like this game. You can choose whether or not to kill or just incapacitate (the game says you get a better ending if you try not to rack up a huge bodycount so that's my incentive for being a good guy at the moment)

    Graphics are ok - nothing spectacular. For me it's the challenge of navigating areas with lots of guards, trying to take them out one at a time. The upgrades system seems pretty good - collecting runes to add to or increase your abilities.

    Overall I'd recommend this game - I don't think it's a 9/10 game but I'd score it about 8/10.

  5.  Depressingly Boring


    I played the first game and actually enjoyed it a lot despite it being a little repetitive. When I heard they were making a Borderlands 2 I was hoping they would have improved on the original. Unfortunately (in my opinion) they have missed the mark. The game involves nothing more than running around shooting endlessly spawning enemies. The vehicles and vehicle spawning system is exactly the same as the first game - so nil points for imagination there. The game is without a doubt the most depressingly boring, repetitive game I have played for a long time. Graphics are nice but that's really about it.

  6.  Am I missing something?


    Unlike the people who have already reviewed this game, I actually don't like it! It's just a poor mans GTA. I enjoyed the demo but the actual game just doesn't interest me at all.

  7.  Could be better


    I decided to pick this up after playing the demo - I was hoping for something a little better but it's not a bad game. Graphically it's pretty good - it's no Skyrim with snow and rain etc, the game is played entirely on one continent (which isn't huge) Enemies are a bit limited and you tend to end up fighting the same kind over and over which gets a little repetitive. Sound is functional - music is sparse, your character seems to have no ability to talk and remains silent throughout the entire game, Character interaction is also pretty limited - you can only really interact with the people connected with whatever quest you are on - they have a speech bubble above their head. The one thing I have encountered though that really annoys me is the difficulty - I just completed the game and prior to beating the dragon, enemies such as wolves and gobins could be killed with a couple of hits earning you about 100 experience points - after beating the game every goblin and wolf (and every other creature) is now like a mini-boss - with experience points of over 1000 - it's ridiculous!! The game doesn't allow you to pick up any weapon - you have to be using a character that can use them (knights and fighters can use swords and shields, rangers can use bows and knives, etc) which I think kinda sucks - I had to sell all my sweet knight armour and weapons at one point as I was basically forced to change to a character that could use ranged weapons for one particular boss fight - wasn't too impressed at that point. The game also has a rather disturbing love interest with a 14 year old girl - the game tells you she's actually a lot older than she looks but it's still a bit creepy. The storyline is pretty weak and seems to have been more of an afterthought. Overall it's far from perfect, but if you're looking for a challenge that'll take around 5 days (on and off) to complete, then you could do worse. I'd rate it around 7/10.

  8. Starhawk



    5 New from  £14.63  Free delivery

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    I was hoping for a serious futuristic shooter with some mech combat thrown in - what I got (eventually, after a 500mb download) was some kind of freakish space western hybrid turd - its absolutely ludicrous.

    I don't have time to list the things I dislike about this game - I hate everything. I urge anyone - don't make the same mistake as me and assume just because it's a PS3 exclusive that it'll automatically be good - avoid this game at all costs.

    If someone gave me this for free I still wouldn't play it.

  9.  Not so great


    I bought the ps3 version as it the graphics looked a little smoother than the xbox 360 version - however I may have made the wrong decision as I found the PS3 version suffers from the same problem that haunts every PS3 game - namely that it only installs a small amount of data to the HD and the game is constantly streaming data during the game - because the Bluray drive is a little slow, this can cause pauses during cut-scenes.

    The game developers also don't really seem to appreciate what kind of damage different weapons can do - using a shotgun on an enemy 5 feet away would be an instant kill in reality - not in this game. Unless you hit enemies in the head, a 1 shot kill is impossible regardless of what weapon you are using.

    In fact I found that in this game an AK47 assault rifle firing 7.62mm rounds does exactly the same amount of damage as a 9mm pistol - utterly ridiculous.

    The game also doesnt allow you to use grenades or petrol bombs (even when they are available to enemies)

    The game is also buggy - I experienced game stopping bugs on 3 occasions when entering a room, coming under fire and retreating out the door I just came in resulted in being in a blank environment and not being able to do anything.

    Gameplay itself is bland and uninspiring - often boring. There is a linear route to follow and there is no scope for trying alternative tactics - you are forced into down the throat fights when in reality you could flank enemies easily. The last level is particularly unfair in that you are restricted to an area with very little cover and trying to go outside that area to seek better cover results in the game killing you instantly - totally unfair and unrealistic.

    Obviously there isn't a whole lot I liked about this game - graphics are par for the course and there is absolutely ZERO innovation - no wow factor here.

    I tried to like this game - I was a massive fan of the original game, but after all these years and the technology available today, this should (and could) have been a lot better.

    I found the game a chore to play - I even had to force myself to complete it as I intend to trade it in at the earliest opportunity.