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  1. F1 2010

    F1 2010


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     Good but frustrating!


    Overall good but such a wind up! Examples: competitor forces you wide and off the track- you get flagged for corner cutting and a 10 sec penalty which is a big deal and will often ruin your race : next you go to pit and a driver behind you shunts you in to a barrier so you block the pit lane and get a 10 sec penalty for blocking on top of the delay while you get your car back on course!
    While I'm a fan of both F1 and driving games and do enjoy some realism this just gets so frustrating you end up launching the controller. My copy will be getting traded this weekend, roll on GT5

  2.  Possible game of the year ?


    I absolutely adore this game its like being Clint Eastwood in your very own spaghetti western, you can follow the main quest which is long and varied or you can just roam around and find your own amusement, there are various forms of gambling, duels, hunting and marksmanship side quests etc etc and you even find yourself roaming around admiring the scenery, on one particular sun set evening while I rode alone along a trail, a coyote crossed the path in front of me, it stopped as it saw me and as I found myself reaching for my trusty repeater to dispatch the critter I found myself thinking.....it means me no harm its just going about its own business.........let it be, so I shouldered my gun and rode on as the coyote trotted away. This is just how engrossed and involved you can become in this game, its fantastic. Lastly as for the spec edition pack the war horse you get is awesome, it has top stamina and you get it straight from the start, the suit doubles the refill speed of your dead-eye ability which you will really come to rely on and as for the extra cost........shop around!

  3.  flawed


    I really wanted to love this game but its a bitter disappointment, the constant bombardment of cut scenes and load screens kill the flow of game-play and the music could only be worse if it was free-form jazz.
    Game-play: 6/10
    Graphics: 7/10
    Music: 0/10

  4.  What single player campaign?


    This game turned out to be a huge disappointment, there are one or two nice new ideas and the graphics are reasonable but those are the only positive points I found. My main complaint is that the single player campaign the game claims to have is little more than a demo, it took me roughly an hour and a half to complete and even then was getting quite dull. This game should only be advertised as an online multi-player and even there it will soon be forgotten because there are far greater games already established. Save your money!

  5.  Poor value for money !


    This is a very lazy effort by the developers, they seem to have spent far more time and money on the marketing than they have on the game. The plot is highly implausible even by video game standards and the missions soon get very dull and repetitive. Obviously a flight sim is a difficult game to tag a story onto but if ace combat and blazing angels can do it so can they!
    The only redeeming feature is the terrain graphics but your several thousand feet above it and travelling at mach 2 most of the time.
    Story : 3.5
    Game play : 4
    Graphics : 8
    Audio : 5
    Value for money : 4

  6.  FANTASTIC!!!!


    The best band game just got better!
    The new guitar is a big improvement, it has a much nicer feel and is very responsive. The drums are excellent fun and are very sturdy and the mic also looks very robust. The game is a huge improvement, there is a superb selection of songs and new features such as customisable characters and a music studio. From experience I can safely say that world tour has blown rock band out of the water.

  7.  Superb!


    My first gps was a Tomtom one which did exactly what it said on the tin, however when the time came to upgrade I foolishly decided upon a Navman N40i which was a huge disappointment ( first one was clearly pre-owned and in poor condition, second would not update and help line proved less than useless). So I went straight back to Tomtom, this time with a GO710 which is fantastic. The touch screen is responsive, the docking mechanism is very positive and the huge amount of features are awesome. I had the unit updated and conected to my mobile in no time, overall a very user friendly sat-nav.
    My only complaint about the system is the outdated maps, the points of interest are woefully inadequate for example according to my Tomtom there is one car park in the whole of Cornwall when there are actually nine in Newquay alone. Despite this I am still giving the 710 top marks because the other gps systems maps seem to be just as outdated.

  8.  Most unhelpfull helpline ever!


    I bought the Navman n40 as an upgrade for my Tomtom One and instantly wished I hadnt bothered. The first unit I got although being factory sealed was clearly used as the screen and body of the gps were scratched. Second time lucky, the replacement unit was thankfully new and all went well until I attempted to update the unit online, the first attempt managed to crash my pc after this the unit simply refused to connect. After trying all the usual fixes I contacted the help line, the first "technician" didnt have a clue what the problem was although he had come across it before! Next up the "supervisor" who after admiting that Navman software has issues with several security systems advised me to turn off my internet security (mcafee) and then went on to say 'I cant see what your worried about you dont really need to update'. One hour later the Navman was back at the shop and I was on my way with another Tomtom, this time the GO 710 which does everything but drive the car for you and is currently cheaper.