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  1.  Better as a movie


    Official Reviews have been severely plugged and do not represent the game truely. This game is nothing new like they have stated. The combat plays like an extremely simplified MMO.

    During this game you will essentially be going from A to B and selecting 1 of 3 dialogue options. The combat is messy because all the animations move too fast. Every "Character" and "monster" is portrayed as some sort of action super hero. This means, when you get to a dragon it suddenly becomes less epic because everything before you was "also" epic.

    The story for the first part is nothing exciting. No grand quest or epic adventure to embark upon

    The character creation / customization is more limiting that Dragon Age 1. For example, Mages can only use staves now. Rogues can't use a shield etc... Plenty of abilities have been removed to make this game easier for the console gamer.

    The game also feels like it has tried to cut corners everywhere. For example, items do not even have their own image icon. Every item appears the same in your inventory.

    The dialogue is still "Vague". You do not really know what you are saying. However, they have increased the amount of dialogue options for all characters. Play this game twice or reload an old saved game and you'll see even small variations in the way people speak after selecting a different dialogue option.

    I can't stop you from buying this game but please, when playing, considering what it is you are actually enjoying.

  2.  One of the best year


    I'm very negative about games, this game is suprisingly good.

    The multiplayer has been ripped out so don't expect any online play with your friends through the campaign like baldurs gate and neverwinter nights.

    The dialogue is reasonable linear. You don't make many 'big decisions' but is much more than any rpg would offer.

    Limited classes and races. Even though this is not a dungeons and dragons game...i expected more...

    Less spells...more melee and ranged abilities.

    The best thing about this game is the fluent animations. Casting a spell goes smoothly into drawing your 2 swords out or another spell. Enemy monsters don't necessarily have to turn and face you to attack. They can attack you from behind, complete with an animation to show you that they are doing that, and still carry on looking forward at another party member.

    This makes the combat seem alot more interesting.

    Also, travelling with ai companions is made fun. For the first time i want to listen to the good voice acting. Hear what my ai companions have to say.

    I would say this game is atleast worth buying a used edition =)

  3.  Lacks Content


    No new content besides weapons and storyline (or StoryBlob)

    The campaign is about 4 hours. The biggest let down is the AI.

    Your team mates are designed to look pleasing in a fight. They rarely kill an enemy by themself. One enemy ran past 4 of my allied soldiers. 2 of which were shooting him but the bullets were evidently made of fairy dust =)

    Physics - Wouldn't mind some in Call of Duty. The most physics there seems to be is that your hand grenade throws like your bowling a plastic apple high. (Hand grenade now also have a white tracer)

    Multiplayer - Small maps, Small player limit. Would it be too much to ask to go back to large maps and 64 player limit with dedicated servers. Like the old call of duty? Or has technology got significantly worse in the last 10 years that our computers can't handle it.

    thank you

  4.  A 4 star game, Lame Support


    I enjoyed this. You will get lots of buttons to press at level 25. Roughly about 30 buttons. 10 of them will probobly be all be attack and have different animations. So the combat looks real nice. Being a new player I found it extremely hard to find my way around. The NPC's are useless at giving you directions when you take on a quest. The maps are quite big so exploring so have a fun time exploring. Garuntee you won't find what your looking for on the quest you just took though =)

    The game is really brought down by the support. I've asked for support a few times and its taken over a day to reply. Take note. If you already own Everquest 2. You will not get the 30 free days subscription if you already have had 30 days free subscription. So I feel conned out of this game and I will be going back to WoW where 90% of the time I will get the answer I was looking for rather than incorrect information.

    on an up note. Crafting is best I've seen in any game. You will get some skills/buttons to press whilst the item is being crafted which affects how good the item will be when its finished. There are thousands of things to craft.

    Well, I can't really say much more. This game has alot of content. You will reach the end of the game and still not know everything. Also, If you still enjoy World of Warcraft and want to play this game. Don't mention it in general chat. You will get slandered for hours and told that you are a kid. =) Crazy people