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  1.  ITS FUN!!!


    So its still cool to hate COD looking at some of the reviews i have BF3 and im already bored depending on which game mode most players crawl on all virtual fours to the edge of the map and pick people off and thats fun?? Much prefer COD admit its same old but whats wrong with that its smoother and less buggy than BF3

  2.  Great ending


    Not as good as Life on Mars but even tho my friend thought differently i loved the ending harking back to the original series..the pub and the owner..it would have made it more special had John Simm as Sam Tyler made an appearance outside the pub but alas fab ending...

  3.  Special Talent


    In all the yrs iv followed music of all kinds in terms of all round talent Michael Jackson for me was the only artist that was truly born to do it!! The way he danced and sang so unique genius is banded about too easy these days but Jacko was a genius he had a wow factor that no one will ever surpass...oh and this blu-ray version is class...RIP



    Probably my fave film eva..a frenchman playing a scot..a scot playing a spaniard not much made sense really but somehow never spoiled it Lambert while not the greatest of actors has a special charisma plus the awesome Queen music carries the film beautifully. Considering this was made in the mid-80s the transfer is superb the landscape shots are eye opening..unfortunately the clarity is also a bit too good at the end where Lambert is levitating you thought you could see the strings before on sdvd you def can now on blu-ray :) ...classic film original and best



    It looks lovely, its massive in scale but gameplay wise im with some other reviewers the controls,whichever option you choose never feel comfortable and also feels somewhat slow compared with COD4 for example..im still playing COD4 now dont think i will find Killzone as addictive in the future

  6.  Aint so bad


    Personally these two could make Grease 3 work as i would always watch a film with these two superb actors in it so on that basis i give it 4 stars though i will admit it was predictable!!



    One of those films you could easily dismiss as just another wartime film is one you really should give a chance to...brilliantly acted with some familiar faces from the not so distant past (Alan Arkin,Rutger Hauer) it tells a true story of what went on at the concentration camp in Sobibor and lets you know what happened to the survivors..compelling stuff and one of my all time fave films glad its finally had a release on region 2

  8.  PATCHY


    The album starts so well i love `outlaw pete` and `my lucky day` for me it then seems to go downhill a little..more a one good track one not so good track so i feel a little disappointed overall due to the high standards i normally expect of the boss..i agree with the last reviewer queen of the supermarket is gr8 good eye is a blast and the wrestler is typical boss material as 4 the rest maybe it will grow on me!!

  9.  worth the wait


    Some diverse reviews here!! I was gettin rather peeved at the release date bein put back time and again but i have to say its worth the wait. Always prefered these games to call of duty as its less frenetic and more strategic yes it aint perfect controls not always responsive but graphics are more than adequate. People that give it 1 star clearly expect far 2 much



    There is something about the character of Alex Drake that i find annoying i certainly cared a whole lot less about her efforts to get home than that of Sam Tyler from the previous series but its saved by Gene and his sidekicks who deliver the laughs in abundance! Cant say i will be counting the days down to the next series tho:( Why couldnt they have just made a series without the time travel (ie.Alex Drake) yet still in the 80s!!