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Product Reviews

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  1.  Now 83


    This is a fantastic album from the Now Music brand containing chart hits from the last few months.
    I love all the tracks, but my favourite is Wonderful by Angel.
    Such a positive and clean song why can't all of today's music be like this!
    Worth the buy.

  2.  Unapologetic by Rihanna


    This is a good album, with some outstanding tracks, such as Diamonds, Stay and Love Without Tragedy (Mother Mary), which is a whopping 7 minutes in length by the way!
    But what concerns me about this album is the amount of swearing on some of the tracks. I do not care about the odd word here and there, but you listen to Fresh Out The Runway and there's swearing in just about every line of the song.
    I don't think this is good for young children or easily offended audiences.
    I am not one of them, but I am concerned when it comes to artists like Rihanna who use profanity here there and everywhere.
    If you want albums with little or no profanity, go check out for example Ora by Rita Ora, Chapman Square by Lawson and Killer Love by Nicole Scherzinger.
    I will still be a Rihanna fan and buy her material. I am just concerned with the direction she is heading. She can't be a good role model for young or easily offended audiences surely.

  3.  Duffy Endlessly


    Hello all.
    This is my first review. So hope you like it.

    I do like this album a lot. Can't understand what all the negativity was all about. Fair enough it's not Rockferry so yes you may be disappointed but if you like good music from someone who can actually sing, and not someone who appears to sing but would rather mime and distort their voice using autotune, then this album may be for you. Thought I would offer a track by track review.

    1. My Boy - good start to an album, this is Duffy having a go at 21st century pop music. Quite catchy.
    2. Too Hurt To Dance - This is Duffy going back to what she clearly is more suitable for, the swinging 60's, at least in the ballad genre. Very nice.
    3. Keeping my baby - This is Duffy again trying something new, 21st century pop. Haven't heard it in full yet so can't comment. I will say it's nice.
    4. Well, Well, Well - I have to say although this is a catchy song, perhaps this is why not only this was a flop, it also caused the entire album to flop. I think if one of her soulful ballads were released instead as the first single, then this album might do better. Good.
    5. Don't Foresake Me - this is my all time favourite from the album. Duffy really shines through with her emotion. She must be doing her darn best not to cry over the chorus. "don't, don't foresake me, why do you break me, every time". This is sure a tearjerker to me and hopefully the other listeners as well. Excellent.
    6. Endlessly - this is the title track. Could have easily been an Elvis Presley song has it have been released in the 50's or 60's. Very nice.
    7. Breath Away - could have easily been on the Rockferry album, perhaps in the Deluxe edition. Very nice ballad, another tearjerker from the blue-eyed Welsh songstress. Very nice.
    8. Lovestruck - not sure what to think of this one; will have to give it a few listens. This is Duffy once again trying something new, 21st century pop. I like her speaking intro though. Good.
    9. Girl - very catchy song, very impressed with her ability to reach the impressive F 5, for those who have perfect pitch like me. Very nice.
    10. Hard for the heart - last song on the album, probably the longest, nearly as long as Distant Dreamer. Again not sure what to think; will give it a few more listens. Good.

    Overall the album is excellent. But I do warn if you are expecting Rockferry Part II, you may be disappointed. If you love good music by a talented artist, then buy this album! I don't think you'll regret it. Before I go, I do wish to say that it really concerns me that some of the buying public would rather buy cheap, manufactured pop, rather than look into music by artists with actual talent. Duffy is such an example as well as Adele and Rihanna. I don't care how much talent they have. The more the merrier I say. Also, if rumours are true that Duffy is to leave the music industry, then I wish her all the best in her future endeavours. She will be surely missed and her music will live on. If she is however on an extended break, called Hiatus in music, then I sure look forward to her next album!