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  1.  Poor, miles behind usually standard and quality


    Incredibly disappointing way to remember such a fantastic season of football. Other reviews tell a good picture of what this DVD is like - poor camera angles, annoying sound clips and a couple of commentators that constantly talk over each other at the same time. Huge disappointment, and will only buy again in future if the format of the previous season reviews is followed. I hope Manchester United stand up and listen to their dedicated fans!

  2.  Ooh, what a little gem!


    Wow, am I happy that I came across this little gem of an item!

    I can now use it to hold my iPhone perfectly, and it will be great for using it when watching movies, TV shows, or live TV. It can bend in many directions, but stays perfectly still and does not move around at all. I have not tried it in a car or a moving vehicle, so cannot comment on that, but I am delighted that such a fantastic little product was available here on Play.

    If you think it will be of use to you, you will not be disappointed.

  3.  The perfect accessory for a Mac!


    This keyboard and mouse are delightful for my 13" MacBook. They are easy to set up, and have a great range too. The keyboard is nice and comfortable to type with, and the mouse sensitivity is also very good. Definitely worth spending a bit of cash on!

    Note: some of the buttons on the keyboard do not work with the new software, such as the play and skip buttons. But I can survive without this, and it covers my needs perfectly. I suggest you keep this in mind if this will make a difference for you though.

  4.  Even better than expected!


    I am using this product with my 13" MacBook, and it has made such a huge difference. It is strong and sturdy, and does the job remarkably well. It cools the laptop so nicely, and also props it up at a very nice (and adjustable) angle for working. I would perhaps suggest looking at a wireless keyboard for typing, or one with a USB port, as the way the laptop now stands on the stand is a little uncomfortable for typing.

    Nonetheless, this is a lifesafer, and an absolute steal. The 360 degree rotation is an excellent little addition to a fabulous product. Buy buy buy!

    Note: I can see why the other reviewer would struggle with a 17" machine, but I am sure a 15" laptop would be just fine.

  5.  A good, breathing jacket from Animal


    Perhaps I am being too harsh, and should consider giving a 5* rating, but there is just something not quite letting me make it all that. The jacket itself is fine, and the quality is as you would expect from Animal. The black and dark green colours look nice together, and it is comfortable to wear.

    It's lightweight, and will be easy to transport around without any issues. It seems durable, and the work on the jacket seems to have been done well.

    I would recommend this jacket for use in perhaps the autumn and the spring, as it's perhaps not quite thick enough to be worn as a winter jacket - especially here in the North! The details are nice too, with the pockets and zips seeming study enough. The hood is also of an adequate size so that you can pull it over the whole of your head, as many jackets that I have seen seem to fall a little short in this respect. The sleeves fit very nicely around the wrists too.

    All in all, a good value jacket and definitely worth spending a bit of money on.

  6.  Very good headphones..almost perfection.


    These headphones do produce very good sound, and they are well made. They are strong and sturdy, and should last a while. Many other headphones 'feel' flimsy, but these pass the test.

    The noise canceling part is good - but don't expect too much from this. As written in another review, you can hear the cords rubbing against any clothing etc when you are wearing them. Furthermore, another slight drawback is the fact that the 'in-ear' buds are quite large. You are supplied with three different sizes, but even the smallest size are too big for me. I am a standard sized adult male, but I must either have tiny ears or they have been made slightly out of proportion!

    I would suggest that they are nothing outstanding, and they don't exactly hit the market as a groundbreaking pair of headphones...but on saying that, they are strong, should be reliable, and produce better sound than any other headphones with a microphone that I have ever tried before, which is a god-send for an iPhone user such as myself.

  7.  Affordable, Addictive, and Entertaining


    One Tree Hill is a series which follows a small society of American youths through their lives at High School through the ups and downs of their experiences. It's a show that you will struggle to stop watching once you start - it's hard not to start to 'feel' for the characters, whether you are male or female!

    Based primarily around the sport of basketball, the show also captures the intimacy of the lives of students and adults, bringing it all together with such ease. Cliffhangers at the end of each episode are brilliant, and definitely up there with the '24' or 'Lost' endings to which we have become such fans.

    Give the first season a try - and just get ready to order the second season, as you're probably going to need to!

  8.  One of those you can't seem to put down..


    I'm not usually a keen reader, but felt like going for a summer read. I had heard, on TV, that this book was a recommended summer hit, and decided to go for it.

    I would describe it as one of those books you cannot seem to put down. The twists are as good as they often are in movies. The cliffhangers create suspense, and the book's regular innocence leaves you feeling involved and a part of the story.

    I would recommend this to someone who is prepared for a pretty gory storyline - there is blood, aggression, anger, and torture. But, however, it fits in quite nicely with the storyline and does not seem too out of place, or over the top.

    4 out of 5 from me, and at this price, I don't see how you could go wrong.

    Happy reading!

  9.  The series that will change your life...


    This series is guaranteed to change the way that you look at life. It has everything - comedy, drama, action, suspense, thrills...

    Opening every episode with a death may not appeal to all television fans, but this series is worth a go. I can personally guarantee that you will not be left disappointed.

    A typical family is thrown into turmoil when the father of the house, and leader of the family funeral home, is killed in a car crash. The remaining family members need to regroup, and fast, to keep the business on its feet. With bids from rival companies coming in thick and fast, and more and more dead bodies being sent for treatment, the story focuses on Ruth, Claire, Nate, and David Fisher.

    It may be hard to understand how a TV show can change your life, but this one will...and for the better!

  10.  This will make you think...


    This film is guaranteed to do something to you...It can make you laugh, cry, frown...and it can invoke anger. A film about a grown man with a troubled childhood and his relationship with a teenage girl.

    One thing that is certain is that it will make you think. You may empathize with the main character, you may hate him.

    This is the story of young innocence meeting a man with nothing solid in his life. The relationship of his life was cut short when his girlfriend died when they were both 18. Now a grown man, he looks to continue this relationship with a teenager that he falls in love with.

    Great acting, and despite being around for 10 years, the film is not out of date. It's still very valid today, and definitely worth 2 hours of your time...