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  1.  Such A Buzz


    What can i say about this album other than amazing! Trance fans need this album in their collection. All you ravers out there buy this album i just cant get enough of it i play it in my car in my house on the ipod everywhere. For the price as well u really cant go wrong. Im still trying to decide on my fav CD atm im edging towards CD2 but only slightly. Amazing!!!!!

  2.  not as good


    little disappointed with this CD if im honest not as good as other dance cds tht are already out.

    to the reviewer below the song ur after is called riversiderene - sidney samson :)

  3.  Love it!


    Cascada is awesome all of her songs which she brings out just make u wanna dance and put u in a great mood straight away. If u have heard "everytime we touch" and "miracle" and loved them both then u with love the rest of the songs on this album so go and buy it!

  4.  Great


    Finally it has arrived and in my opinion its doesnt disappoint, its got the classic pretty green eyes which is still an amazing tune to this day. Also feeling fine, elysium and one of their more recent songs sure feels good all of which r superb and make u wanna get up and dance. A must for any ultrabeat fan and dance fans!

  5.  No To Bad


    This is a pretty decent game as the graphics r good the gameplay is sound but what its lacking is still the massive battles as the 200 limit population is a real pain and i was disappointed that they havent changed that for this version apart from that though cant really fault it.

  6.  Great!!


    This is a must buy for all trance lovers, and if u havent listened to trance before this CD would certainly get u into the genre! CD1 is prob my favourite but all 3CDs r packed with great tunes!

  7.  Not what I expected


    Disappointed with this album as i heard it was really good but to me there is only a few decent tracks on here the rest arent to great :(

  8.  Must Buy


    all i can say about this game is if u like strategy games this is a must have as the campaign map lets u manage ur towns and cities plan out who to conquer or who to trade and be allies with and also have naval battles. The fights can also be such a rush with thousands of troops to control or fancy seiging a town/city nows ur chance with onagers ladders seige towers and many more!

  9.  Older Still Better But Still Go Out And Buy It


    Well first off ppl who have sed this cd is rubbish r stupid as yes it may not be as good as the older clublands but there r still plenty of good tunes on the 2cds to make u go out and buy it. Some of the mixes shall we say r a little "shabby" but nothing to major. On a whole it still gives u that good feeling when listening to it so i do reccommend u buy it!