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  1.  Top notch cards at an outstanding price!


    Having previously purchased one SanDisk 2GB card over a year ago @ £9.99, I just had to take advatage of this amazing twinpack at the new lower price. These are excellent cards and I use them daily on my Fuji Finepix F40FD digital camera.

    They read and write very fast and I have no trouble downloading the pictures on my PC. A brilliant duo package.

  2.  The best basketball game on the PC!


    I've waited so long for NBA 2K9 to debut on the PC and well what can I say, the wait has been worth it. It is the best game ever.

    Atlast you have control over shooting. In NBA Live, you can either press the shoot button or dunk/layup button and it will make a certain type of shot at random. However on 2K9 you have the 'Shot Stick' which is a very innovative way to shoot since you can perform many different types of shots, layups and dunks based on the direction you push the Right Analog Stick. This increases the number of shots you can perform since each direction has a different move. With a shot stick, you have more control over the type of shot you would like. Also timing is critical, release the stick too early or late and see your shot rim out!

    This game also has great graphics since it is ported from the Xbox 360 version, so it has the next-gen graphics! If you have a high end PC and a HD TV, you will sometimes forget you are playing a game and think you are watching the real thing, the graphics are that good!

    This game has pretty good commentary also and a realistic atmosphere. The crowd is nicely done since they cheer and react to the game. Moreover, check out the mascots, they are hilarious!

    There are many different modes so you will be entertained for hours and won't get bored.

    NBA 2K9 did the right thing bringing out this game on the PC since EA Sports decided not to make its game on the PC this year. Even if they had, this game is by far the superior of the two. I highly recommend this game, you just cannot go wrong! Grab a copy of this game if you are a true basketball fan.

  3.  Terrible, waste of money.


    Drains batteries way too fast, the clarity of the signal is not brilliant also. Too much 'noise' in the signal. Seems to work when it wants to, very unreliable and not well made. I know you get what you pay for, my suggestion, save your money and buy something else!

  4.  Lasts very long! A great buy!


    I've used these batteries on many things, from TV remotes to portable games consoles and they work really well. They hold the charge soundly and are easy to charge. A must buy!

  5.  Cheap and useful.


    I bought these to use with my Creative MP3 player. They hold the charge pretty well and have saved me a lot of money compared to buying normal alkaline batteries. They lost a star because it takes an overnight charge to fully charge the batteries, I would have preferred a quicker charge. However this is a minor point. A good buy!

  6.  Top notch card by a top notch company.


    SanDisk are renowned for making flash memory cards. This is an excellent card, I have had is over a year now and use is daily on my Fuji Finepix F40FD digital camera and it has never let me down.

    It reads and writes very fast and I have no trouble downloading the pictures on my PC. A brilliant card and the price is unbeatable!

  7.  Useful to get the best out the game.


    As a seasoned PES player and having played the game since it came out on the PC, I never under estimate the depth of the game year in year out.. This guide covers almost everything about the game, how to do the moves, tricks, feints and the accompanying DVD shows this visually. It has common sense, easy to follow advice for the newcomers, stats and details for the more dedicated and analytical players, and plenty of useful nuggets even for people who think they know it all. This guide is a gem and if you are serious about enhancing your enjoyment of PES 2009 on the PC, PS3 or Xbox 360, then buy this book.

  8.  Still the King of PC football games, period.


    PES 2009 is slower and more tactical than it's predecessor, which is a plus point. The AI is also improved, the CPU pass and defend well. The graphics are awesome, especially if you have a high end machine coupled with a HD TV to view it on. Two great new modes to enjoy as well, UEFA Champions League and Become a Legend which is very addictive. A great game!

  9.  Basic but a fast reliable card reader!


    I've had mine over a year now, I love it. A very easy to use card reader, just pop the card in the front slot and it will appear instantly on your desktop as a removable hard disk. It is a basic reader but very fast transfer rates acheived and it is very reliable. It also looks nice and stylish.