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  1.  Game Breaking Bugs


    Lots of problems with bugged doors and missing enemies. After spending days doin' the game ive come across a door thats bugged shut and the main story line npc is behind it.
    The suggestion i received on the far cry 2 forum to fix this is to start the game again, which i obviously laughed at, having dedicated, and now wasted, alot of time on it already.
    I enjoyed the game up to this bug, but it was, as others have said, very repetitive. And the story line is a bore. Not what i was expecting after the greatness of the first Far Cry.

  2.  Amazing game


    Like most have said, buy this with the orange box if u don't already own the other games. A game that uses brain power as well as reactions. Not very long but very addictive. Includes lots of geeky humor and in a weird way is actually quite believable. Love the challenge levels. 5/5

  3.  Good game Good fun


    Worth a look. Solo play is addictive and Online multiplay is great fun.
    My only gripe is the car control, which i find unrealistic whilst on kerbs and grass. Ignore this and you have a great game worthy of spending hours playing.

  4.  Good


    Reminded me alot of the StarWars game Knights of the Old Republic.
    The story is good, though i found the game to be a little too short and linear. Graphics are good and the combat system is great.
    The good/renegade choices in chat are too obvious and there's not really much difference to the game either side.

    Edit.. I must also point out that the game must be completed on normal to unlock hard then hard to unlock insane. This is a major letdown .. when i start a game i like to start on the hardest possible setting. Normal and hard modes are fairly easy even to novice gamers. Insane held a few tricky areas though after completing it 2 times previously the fun factor has been lost.

  5.  No Support


    No customer support .. canned responses and severe lack of GMs.
    Bugged game .. patches that are announced and never come duping more ppl into another months subs.

    1 village in the whole game is actually complete. The lvl 1-20 area. I enjoyed it. Just to be let down later.

    lvl20+ = lack of content , grunting NPC's , grind fest ,Open Instances where high lvls camp bosses and the lower lvls dont get a chance to do their quests. Boring items/weapons/armor which give no satisfaction in obtaining. Broken crafting system which is also unrewarding. The targeting system is bad too giving only 2 targeting options. Not to mention the countless bugs that should have been fixed during BETA.

    In the first 2-3 weeks reviews are great , that is until ppl get past Tortage and see what 90% of the game is actually like. The reviews soon turn bad and for good reason.

    The forum moderators are extremely biased, and close threads at a whim.
    I asked for help/GM/email support for 4 weeks and only ever recieved canned responses. The GM system allows u to enter a petition in game which is never answered . And if u log off the petition gets cancelled.!!!! I spent 14 hours logged on waiting for GM support for broken quests which never came.

    The only reason this game could even get 1/5 is the graphics, Tortage( the one and ONLY starting zone) and some of the mature quest content.

    Could have been alot better .. A real letdown