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  1.  GT5; the ultimate Gran Turismo


    If you've enjoyed previous GT games, you'll enjoy this one too.

    The issue with loading times is being addressed, so don't let that put you off.

    This is a racing game with depth that will keep you busy for a very long time. Unlike Need for Speed and the like, it's not a game that will be replaced inside 6 months by the next in the series. If you want a showy arcade style experience then look elswhere, GT5 is a solid racer for those that want a bit more than the option to customise the paint job on their car.

    In that respect it's a slow burner, it eases you into racing with normal road cars and not much money, but persevere and there are some incredible premium vehicles waiting for you, all created with attention to detail that makes other racing games (on all consoles) look poor in comparison.

    If you're prepared to invest your love of racing in this game, it will deliver. If you're looking for a quick racing fix along the lines of the Fast and the Furious, look elsewhere.

    What you can also expect with this game is ongoing development, new features will be added along the way; GT 5 Prologue underwent significant changes during its release and I am confident GT5 will also benefit from new additions over time.

    No offence to the Need for Speed crowd, but GT5 isn't really aimed at that audience. This is pure racing, not over the top special effects racing.

  2.  game has bugs


    It's a good game, but has a number of bugs, one of which is preventing me from completing the game. A patch has already been released to sort out one of the major bugs in the game, hopefully another is on the way. currently it is not possible to complete the game 100%

  3.  superb set


    Ignore steve573; this tv shows off the difference between SD and HD beautifully. You cannot compare a blu-ray picture to upscaled DVD, they are poles apart and that's why you should buy this set and hook up a PS3, blu-ray player or Sky HD. This tv will shows you what HD is all about.

    Particular pluses are being able to set each input individually for colour settings, the thin frame, SD is perfectly watchable, it has a nice remote and plenty of setting controls without going overboard.

    One minus is that I wasn't that impressed with the speakers, but I use a surround amp for all audio so they are off anyway.

    At £600 this is a steal and must be on your short list for an HD tv, if you are looking at a 32" set, consider this 37"; it doesn't overpower a room