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  1.  7 Months of Sadness


    This game had great potential, as someone else mentioned it is a great game to play the campaign (can even have 3 friends join in without any connection issues).

    Multiplayer is a whole other issue, quite simply it is unplayable. After 7 months the game still does not work correctly. Ubisoft have released 6 patches that have repeatidly made the game worse and worse. There are constant connection issues, it can takes hours to find a online match that you can connect to, even when you finally find one it can cut off half way through. There are numerous issues when playing in a match and most recently it has become impossible to play the game with any friends due to a data conflict in the game due to a DLC. Out of 50 friends, i'm only able to play with 3 of them. Check the forums before buying this game otherwise you will live to regret it.

  2.  Good but Short


    i hae always liked Star Wars games because of the lightsabers, which makes the idea of this game perfect for me. All of the previous games had lightsabers and force powers, but the use of them was awkward or unrealistic. Games like Knights Of The Old Republic had great story lines, OK graphics for their time but the battle interface was poor. Jedi Academy had a better combat interface, but it seemed messy.

    Star Wars Unleashed 2 has one of the best combat styles i have seen yet, there are certain moves you can do with the lightsaber, you can mix the saber moves with force powers. The graphics of the force powers are far superior to any other game. The character appearance for both the player and AI are brilliant. The planets are impressive, the ships all look identical with the corridors, which i suppose is to be expected.

    The story line behind the game was great, but sadly you were unable to move to any other area other than where the story took you. Also the story was far too short, i managed to complete this game within one evening!

    There are 3 things that would make this game perfect:
    1. Longer story line, this would mean more hours of playing the game, unlocking more abilities and skills, interacting wih more characters.
    2. The option the join the Dark side - most star wars games force you to play as a jedi, sometimes it can be fun to be evil. You do get an option at the end for the light/dark side, but thats just to play a different clip. Which was dissappointing.
    3. Complete freedom! Some of the best games i have ever played have been Fallout 3 and Oblivion, the reason being you have a city and you can go absolutely anywhere you want in the game, you can run for hours on end without covering the same ground over and over. If star wars made a game like this, it would be incredible. Having lots of little side quests on top of a main quest.

    All in all, i liked this game, but was let down by the short length of it.