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  1.  Not 100% but still gives the lens a much-needed clean.


    Cleaned the lens to some extent. (There was a fair amount of dirt on the cleaning pad).

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl usually took about 15-30 minutes of messing about to work; after using this, it appeared after about 5 minutes instead.

    Not a perfect solution but the only one I felt would help.

  2.  These Zombies stink!


    This was an absolute travesty of the zombie-movie genre. Inspired by the original 'Day of the Dead' (1985), a viral zombie outbreak threatens the local community, and beyond.

    Messing with the physical parameters of what zombies can do, it's a farce. Everyone zombied becomes an Olympic hopeful, capable of death-defying stunts and athleticism.

    Horror-junk garbage, like the zombies, this film is rotten and it stinks!

  3.  Genuine Apple product at realistic price.


    Sceptical at first. This is the genuine product, though, sold through Play.com directly.

    Extortionate prices charged by Apple (cost 40-plus pounds) for exactly the same thing.

  4.  A Sunken Treasure....


    An awe inspiring experience.

    The most relaxing "game" you could ever play, it's soo different and alternative to the mindless gaming elsewhere.

    If you care about the environment and the world around you, you couldn't fail to like this.

    Bare in mind that I consider Resident Evil 4 on the Gamecube to be a gaming classic, I can just as easily recommend this as it's soo far away from my "normal" diet of gaming.

    Go on...take a dive and see what's down there...

  5.  In a Mario Galaxy Far Far Away....


    Super Mario Galaxy is how a game should be made on the Wii.

    Natural gameplay, an excellent presentation and a quality level that makes you feel that you spent good money on it for all the right reasons.

    Let no one say the Wii isn't about graphics when you see the Galaxies and Mario realised in this work of art. If other publishers release shabby products then that's their own fault, wonders can be achieved if you work at it.

    As far as gameplay goes, it works. Mario has never suffered from fiddly controls and doesn't here, the Wii controls are spot on and the game feels great for it.

    Galaxy won't hinder your progress with overly difficult play but the game is very good, I've yet to complain of any Mario game being too easy because they're great games to play.

  6. Kill


    Cannibal Corpse - CD

    9 New from  £6.61  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £9.71

     Life in the old Corpse...


    Another album from one of Death Metal's most enduring bands, Cannibal Corpse.

    After 17 years the Cannibal beast is as ferocious as it ever was with the release of the appropiately named "Kill".
    From the start,"The time to kill is now" set's the scene for 13 tracks of absolute top notch Death Metal.

    Long time member Jack Owen has left to join Deicide and you might have thought that a big influence had left the Corpse a depleted entity but the overall production is one of best sounding record's Cannibal have ever put out!.

    "Murder Worship" is a particular favourite, the guitars rip throughout, hurtling the listener on an audio rampage, there is soo much depth here, but the vibe of the track doesn't get lost.

    That could be said about "Kill" in general, each track get's a definate identity, whereas lack of a personality is something that can afflict many a band and albums.

    "Necrosadistic Warning" is another track that twists and turns, the speed is there but we get a chance to breath, rather than a 3 minute blast without a chance to see some light in most Death Metal.

    With" five nails through the neck", we even hear what appears to be "Butchered at Birth" album style vocals coming through, was this a vague tribute to the original Chris Barnes on vocals ??.

    George Fisher's vocal style has now become the sound of Cannibal, he is well suited to the blood soaked universe that the Corpse create.
    You couldn't imagine the band without anyone else nowadays.

    The Corpse are playing extremly tight on this recording, they have found what works over the years but it appears that they have put alot of time in getting the technical stuff spot on, have Cannibal sounded better than this??.

    Forget all the negative stuff said about Cannibal Corpse, don't get taken in by all the wannabee bands that are surfacing everyday, the Corpse will get overlooked by the music channels and the more general metal press, but they are as relevant now as they were all those years ago.

  7.  Fun with trains.


    This is my first experience with a railroad sim, and the most important thing about it was that it was alot of fun!!.

    Many reviews are comparing it to the Railroad tycoon series, done by the same people, but it isn't meant to be like them. This appears to concentrate on the trains and what they're up to.

    There can be some technical issues with the game, I even need more ram to stop it chugging soo much but I've a fairly decent game going with what I have for now.

    Back to the obvious point, I enjoyed it and I bought when it went for £5 so that was cool too.

  8.  Something GOOD!!.


    I'd never heard of this film until I watched it!!. A strong cast and solid acting made this film a great watch.

    Normally I wouldn't rate films like this highly but this had something about it. A very good movie that held my attention till the very end!.

  9.  Saw II is blunt...


    This was a competent horror film but didn't have the same impact as Saw.

    The House of Horrors scenario felt tired, although the gore factor was again high. I can only assume this was a hastily put together follow-up, as it appears that we'll get one a year now!!.

    For fans of the original without question, but I'd be interested to see if Saw III can do something new ??.

  10.  Action, Gore and a Minotaur!!.


    The Minotaur is the star of this creature movie.

    It can be gory in places, there's action, and the Minotaur is imposing enough to keep you watching.

    This is not a deep movie but I didn't really care, I was cheering on the Minotaur!! ;)