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  1.  Feel the Power


    This Game Kicks A** if your last, a well placed Shot from a power up can get you back in the Race. The Graphics and sound are on par with NFS and since release Iv'e only had 1 Crash to desktop and that could of been anything. It's a Fast Paced Racer that holds well from single player to co op and Online Multiplayer the Action doesn't Stop. Worth a Buy.

  2.  Classic


    The PC Version is the Ultimate Arcade. No Reason not to buy. Best use the 360 Remotes for all the Combo's. What a GAME.

  3.  X52


    After playing the demo this is one to own. Graphics on full are still average and the sound is nothing new. But the gameplay is sweet and adictive. I've found a problem on some setups with the x52 not working the pro seems ok. Saitek confirmed and are working with ubisoft for a fix. Worth a buy.

  4.  worth the wait


    Rockstar say they will continue support. This game is for high spec pc not high price. Eg high price retail doesn't mean high spec. Custom builds show true cost and this game needs some power i've run mine against xbox 360 and with my custom tunes this the pc version is great best with a vista score 5.9. Lots of minor problems at moment but so did battlefield. If you only have a base pc stick to console. Expect a wait for more performance patches/drivers this is not a finished product. Goodluck with it.

  5.  N,F,S,U Sweet, Dirt Sweeter.


    For this Price this Game is well worth it, If you like real Driving then this is the Game for you. Better on High spec pc otherwise could look like a cartoon. Now lost a star due to NEW game Racedriver GRID all can say is Shame DIRT Sweet, GRID Mmmm Live and Learn.

  6.  Sweet


    If you like Racing this is the one, Graphics and Gameplay are top rate, and no mid track stutter like other racing games. Without doubt this is worth a BUY. This should be sold out as it's MINT Come on lets RACE. Best thing of the game is even the Bot drivers are dirty trying to ram you out of there way. 5/5

  7.  @ Last


    A Game you can steer and brake in power out, How to drive like the first n,f,s 1st juiced good coudn't steer Second juiced how it should be, crowd graphics to improve then sorted. run game full on all settings. spot on Graphics and sound. N,f,s pro street soon gets boring yet juiced 2 is like Arcade you need to just take that next race. A Game for anyone. At this price tag why look at review as juiced was woth the money for the music alone. Ea need to look at this Game and put fun back into driving.

  8.  Time


    All we need is vista drivers sorting which at this rate will not take long and this Game will be spot on, Dont let this put you off, Pc version is Well, if your looking you Know 360 is Mmm yesterday, Pc today and Future, great shooting the Enemy then running the chainsaw just to finish Him, Sweet. Higher spec Pc Needed as vista OS could slow it down.

  9.  Bring it on


    Best play first to get a good grip of the game and to fully understand the story. Big fan only down side couldn't install to vista 64 at time due to security on disc yet on XP this is a must if you like call of duty 2.

  10.  Mad


    Late to review, Baught this on release and found it to be one of the best games at the time, gotta be on full spec to fully enjoy and now for this price I cannot understand why not sold out. Looking forward to Hells Highway. 14 months and waiting. Keeps getting release date put back.