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  1.  Well worth the cost...


    I have used a fair number of cards both CF and SD but after a problem with an SD card in Paris recently I felt it was time to upgrade really pleased I did. This card is far faster than my older SD cards and now I dont hit the buffer even when using my Canon s90 really pleased. Would strongly recommend it even feels a quality product no flex. And you get 12 mths free image rescue as part of the package I fully expect I ll never use it.

  2.  A good start - but could have been great


    As a long-standing fan of Alien I really looked forward to this film and having seen it at the cinema and now on Blu Ray overall I would say good but not quite great. The plot line has a few holes and doesn't provide much in the way of answers. Then again why should it? Planned to be the first of three or so I believe there's plenty of time yet. Remember the first Alien film got very mixed reviews before becoming a classic and many of us don't want a return to Aliens - run around and mindlessly shoot everything or the even weaker next two films. No a good start but could have been great. The full Blu Ray edition has lots of extras so get the fully monty version if your a fan and enjoy.

  3.  Shocking - bring back real TW


    Like many fans I really looked forward to the new TW series but was a little wary of what might happen when it was transferred across to America. Sadly my fears were well grounded. MD is by far the worst TW series - buy it ONLY if you can't sleep at night.

    So sorry.

  4.  The Way Back


    For many B7 was and will remain classic stuff - yes we all laugh at the effects and some of the stories are a bit naff - but what remains is the style, some of the crew /cast and a longing for more new B7 - its a real pity that someone hasn't taken B7 forward - I'm NOT suggesting a Torchwood style update in America - what a mess they made of that- perhaps just a few updates and some decent CGI? For now....

  5.  Oh no - not Dr Who at its best


    Sorry - but this story despite having two Doctors just misses the spot. Having recently seen it again I begin to understand why Doctor Who was canned - at least for a few years, so sorry.

  6.  A horrible enemy from the unknown strikes terror


    Quatermass 2 stars Brian Donlevy as Quatermass who discovers in the quiet British countryside a mysterious factory whose design is too close to his designs for his proposed Moon colony for comfort. In fact its an alien invasion paid for by the British taxpayer! With meteorites crashing down carrying more invaders who infect and turn those humans unfortunate enough to make contact there is no time to lose. Second in Hammer Films trio of screen versions for Nigel Kneales classic 1950s BBC serials it was a popular film upon its release in 1957. In fact in many ways this helped create the aliens are here but unseen undetected story line. Yes its aged and the effects are limited but its solid classic stuff. Watch and learn budding film makers its not all about using CGI and subwoofers. Just dont expect DTS digital surround sound and you wont go far wrong.

  7.  Best ever series - simply buy it


    Chaos reigns afresh at the Solana Hotel despite the best attentions of a newly appointed manager Joyce Temple Savage who is determined to raise the hotels profile and obtain an additional star highlights include a dance competition for the guests a gang kidnapping the unwary to steal their organs the British Olympic Synchronised Swimming team in town and deep divides emerging within the Garvey clan Mateo features a super fit body Michael Garvey comes of age Noreen Maltby is as nutty as ever and Mick Garvey has something to confess. Doesnt sound promising but hold on its simply fantastic and must rate as the very best comedy on the box. Simply buy it. Totally recommended. This is the nearest to a modern Carry On series I can think of and as a lifelong fan I cannot get enough. Roll on the Christmas Special!

  8.  Still the best - and in a Steel Box!


    Greatly enjoyed this film at the cinema (yes - I am that old) and have purchased it on every newer/better format - but not Blu Ray - until now. Pleased I waited as the Steel Box editions always look cool and it'll help it stand out against the sometimes nasty blue plastic boxes that lesser Blu Rays come in. Its a Rock N Roll ride with some excellent effects and a decent story - the hardest of the hard come up against something far far worst. Totally recommend - turn up the volume (to 11) switch the lights off and enjoy!

  9.  Warning - take cover !


    Earth vs the Flying Saucers is an American black and white science fiction film from 1956 made when the World might be invaded at any time by uncaring aliens bent on taking over or were they all just Russians? Anyway the effects look cool, for their time but the acting props and story are somewhat naff. Having said that its cult stuff - so take my advice Warning - Take Cover just like it said on the posters outside the cinemas in 56. Epic but slightly naff stuff. Recommended for its fans !

  10.  Metalunan society is breaking down and there is little hope


    This Island Earth is a classic 1955 American science fiction film based upon the 1952 novel written by Raymond F Jones using the then state of the art effects which combined with a good story is most entertaining. Just dont expect digital DTS surround sound and CGI and you wont go too far wrong. This film is a cut above most of the other B movies from the time whilst not quite placing it in the top draw with the aliens being nice and nasty by turns. Great stuff and if you like 50s Sci fi you MUST add this too your collection for those people I recommend this 100% .