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  1.  Why buy it?


    This singer is on EVERY TV show and every chance of a public appearance, her album is advertised on every channel every day and I know big fans of hers that are sick to the back teeth of her. The song with Labrith is the worst "fake emotional" song I have ever heard.



    i love russell brand, so i sat down to watch this only to find out it is not any new material it is a mix of old material that is from tv shows/old dvds all of which i've seen! i realise russell brand is a busy man getting married and all but its a shame there was nothing new!

  3.  Just Amazing


    I watched this series in less than a week because it was so addictive and an amazing watch. there are plenty of twists and turns and Dexter has met his match with the Trinity Killer (John Lithgow).

  4.  Alot better than I thought.


    Coming into the movie, I assumed that with the name of the film and the casting of Christopher Mintz-Plasse, that this film would be a spoof. This film is kind of a superhero equivalent of Hot Fuzz, it starts slow and is funny and then moves into action and gore. The fight scenes are amazing and the cast is brilliant. I haven't enjoyed a film as much as this in a long time. Well worth a watch.

  5.  Brilliant


    a sad start turns in to an amazingly fun adventure, funny throughout the whole film and a great story-line, it is definitely a classic which will go down with Toy Story, Cars and Monster's Inc as a film an adult can love as well as children.

  6.  Entertaining enough


    The film is quite funny throughout, alot of the characters are entertaining and carry the film along, and the special effects are also good. But, the thing that annoyed me, is the fact that ancient egyptians know all about modern day things, and the albert einstien bobble heads singing a song released long after he died. the characters do not seem to be from a point in time as they know recent events and thats the main thing that annoyed me.

  7.  Suprising


    Being a fan of King Of Queens and Kevin James, when I saw the trailers I knew that this film might be pretty low on laughs, which, for me, I was pretty right. There were a few laughs, like the segway skills, the ringtone on Paul Blart's borrowed phone, and sneaking round the ropes that are used to keep queues together.

    The thing that suprised me was the plot was better than the comedy, it had a great Home Alone feel to it, the comedy in it is mainly aimed at children but the storyline is good enough for adults to follow and i think that is how many American comedy films fail, by letting the plot down. Definatly a good watch and I would watch this again for sure.

  8.  Brilliant


    It takes about 2 minutes of dialogue to forget that you are reading subtitles and you start to feel the emotions in this film. the storyline is great and considering the feel of the film is that it is quite low budget and humble, some of the special effects were very good. it was a vampire film with a difference and being a massive fan of vampire films, i highly recommend this film.

  9.  Different But Great


    With all the indie tripe like the appalling Kings Of Leon clogging up the music world, it is nice to have a British REAL ROCK band releasing great music album after album. This album is alot different to Grand Unification and One Day Son... it feels like alot of work has gone into it, the sound of orchestral instruments and a few synthesizers really help go with charlies voice, and the songs are easy to sing along to. I can't wait to sing along to the songs live in May.

  10.  Great


    This film was a slow starter and i wasnt sure about the cgi things popping up on the screen like you were a kind of terminator watching the film, where you can see all numbers and images popping up.

    Other than that, the film is great, will ferrel is great in a more serious role and his comedy still comes through in parts. It's definately a film that is worth watching because it doesnt feel overdone and emma thompson is great in her creepy role too.