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  1.  Excellent price for a quality brand


    If you have an old PS3 40GB this is the answer to your space issues. At this price its a no-brainer, no more space worries after this... with game installs genearlly knocking about 4GB you need spaaaaace on your drive. You may find that your PS3 doesnt recognise the external drive that you have your backup on when you install this new drive - its nothing to do with the drive, its the PS3 firmware - download the latest firmware from the Sony site, stilck it on your external drive, install the firmware and then everything should be just peachy.

  2.  Definitely worth £4.99 of your cash!


    At the current advertised price of 4.99 you cannot go wrong with this. Graphically it is very lovely indeed, sound / speech etc all excellent. If you are into 40K you really cant go wrong with this. It is however very very different to DOW1 and all its expansions - there is no - repeat... NO - base building at all. You are given a set number of squads to start with and earn other new squads as you go. The game is very much about micro-managing your squads and their wargear to each mission, so if you like having a lot of different items to customise your characters, you`ll love this. The single player campaign is of a reasonable length - you dont have to complete all the side missions if you dont want to, but you will get extra goodies for doing so... and of course the games main commodity : experience points which can be used to give your squads new abilities and powers. The beauty of the game is this : the tiny tailoring of your squads to make them operate on the field exactly how you want them to. You will get quite attached to one or more of your squads... well I did anyway! I quite liked the fact that it wasnt all about base building and making a massive base surrounded by turrets - dont get me wrong, I like DOW1 a lot but this provided a refreshing change to the genre, it felt like my troops were always on the move and not confined to their base. Terrain plays a VERY important part in this game - get stuck in the open and your guys will get ripped to bits. Take cover at every opportunity, as you would in Company Of Heroes.

    Only a couple of neg points for this : it's tied in with GFW Live which isnt the greatest way to run online games, and when your troops "die" on the field you can pretty much heal them straight away.... maybe im being evil but if they die they should stay dead, or at least only be allowed to be revived once or twice by a "medic" character (not that there is one, but they could add one?). There are also too many points on all the maps where you can pick up special weapons such as grenades and Cyclone ammo which make the game a lot easier. You can also pick up the stim kits to revive your characters pretty much all over the maps as discussed above.

    All in all this though, these are pretty minor issues but they are why I wont give this 5 stars. 4.99 is a blinding deal for this game - do it... what a great stocking filler for a strategy game fan!

    PS - and yes, you do get "that" armour that all Space Marine players love to equip later on!

  3.  Nicks a lot from other games, but not a bad thing!


    I found this title a bit by accident on a gaming website while I was looking for info on something else. After reading the blurb and looking at the screenshots I kinda talked myself into buying it. So after a fair while playing it, here's a simple checklist for you all to follow :

    Do you like pretty graphics? If the answer is YES - buy this. It is very pretty, if in some places a little dark - making everything too dark does not increase the scare factor all you game developer guys, it makes it a bit annoying cos the flashlight you get barely illuminates anything. When you can see the graphics it is mighty nice.
    Do you like violence and gore? Again, if YES, buy this. Its got lashing of it. Some quite gory scripted moments stand out, and anywhere you go in the game tends to have something dead in it. The weapons (and the whole dismemberbent system) does lend itself to trying to find new and interesting ways to destroy things, which is in itself a hell of a lot of fun.
    Do you like a good if somewhat familiar storyline? If YES again, please buy this. Then........ go and get System Shock 2 and Doom 3 on the PC and see where they got most of the ideas from. Oh, and you might want to watch Event Horizon and Alien. Like I said at the start - this aint a bad thing but at many points through the game I got a sense of deja-vu... maybe im just old!

    I cannot knock this in any way other than that slight sense of deja-vu, although im sure the developers of the game would prefer to call it "inspiration" at work! It is actually nice to see a few "nods" to other games in there, because at least they have taken inpiration from some decent games rather than just make a cheap rehash of them. There are some very nice touches in there, for example the kinetics and stasis abilities have of course been seen in a lot Star Wars games many moons before this but they do add a little certain something extra to the gameplay. I did very much like the HUD styling and the innovative health bars come to think of it, but a first person view button would have been really cool as I get the feeling im missing out on some pretty gfx here and there. 4 out of 5 stars from me, mainly cos it could have been a little bit better - I still reckon System Shock 2 is scarier and a better all round game with a fuller character progression system rather than the "find a power up, bolt it on your suit, done" approach of DS. Then again, if they had added a fuller character progression system this might as well have been called SystemAliensInEventShockDoomSpaceHorizon and been done with it, and it probably would been pretty damn good, as it is without the extra RPG-bits.

    All in all well worth your cash, particularly now it's £25. Get on it... and enjoy the dismemberment!

  4.  Terribly buggy, save games disappear... and thats not all!


    This COULD have been one of the must own PC games... unfortunately it clearly wasnt properly tested as half of those who have bought this are having trouble getting it to run properly. Graphical glitches, stuttering, sound issues, random crashes and worst of all the game is tied into the MS Games For Windows Live! software, which deletes all your save games and checkpoints at random intervals. So unless you fancy playing the whole game all the way through, without ever exiting the game, I cannot recommend anyone buying this. The support from Epic Games has been nothing short of abysmal as well - 70,000+ posts on their forums on the lost save games issue alone, with no response from the makers!

    If this ever gets fixed I think I could give it 4 stars but at the moment - do not watse your money on it. All I have for my £20 is an expensive tea coaster, as thats all its good for until Epic or the Games For Windows team fix it. Chesk the Epic forums for proof. Shoddy.

  5.  Pretty dismal effort


    Graphically this is pretty awful, I have Fifa 99 which I got free with my mighty Voodoo 3 about 7 years ago and it doesnt look too dissimilar to this. Worst of all....very slow menus, I mean, HORRIDLY SLOW. You will be there for ages trying to click things. It would make sense for a game to run this badly IF I had a naff PC but when you have a top spec Core 2 Duo which doesnt have a problem with Bioshock / Test Drive Unlimited etc at high resolutions with all detail on this shouldnt really make it chug. Blocky and poor characters - this is a port of the PS2 version people, NOT the all singing all dancing beautiful PS3/360 version. Advice to all PC owners - avoid. Oh yeah, and your players over-run the ball constantly. Frustrating, thought id give FIFA another go after getting into Pro Evo but I wish I hadnt.