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  1.  Very, very short


    If you are one of those people who still primarily interested in the single player campaign, you'll find this game very, very short. I completed the campaign in under 5 hours which is a bit shocking for a 40 squid game.

    Whilst the campaign lasts, it's quite good with some very nice set pieces. The ending, though, is very low key and features a prologue that'll have you scratching your head.

  2.  Just what you'd expect from Sony


    This is an excellent attachment that converts the playstation move controller into an accurate weapon that is very satisfying to use. A good build quality combines with a good look and inserting/removing your move controller from it is child's play whilst ensuring you're never worried the controller will come loose.

    The gun is a good size, making it confortable to use for small hands as well as those of us with larger mitts. There are cheaper alternatives available but this is still well worth the cost.

  3.  Time well spent?


    Singularity is an old fashioned shooter with a cold war setting. Health pack pickups feature throughout and there's the odd boss battle replete with giant monsters with glowing weak spots to show you what to shoot at. Weapons are improved and upgraded at regular intervals and feel meaty with good use of sound and force feedback.

    With the cold war setting, it's the ruskies who take a battering instead of the traditional Nazis but enemy AI is very basic, with Russian enemies running into your gunfire and ducking behind cover whilst leaving their heads sticking out.

    The first mutants encountered give the game quite a Dead Space feel but, as you progress through the game, these are replaced with other mutants that remove any feel of survival horror tension, though they do make the game more frantic.

    The time manipulation mechanics are well implemented and easy to use, if a bit rudimentary. Similar to TimeShift, your TMD (time manipulation device) can be used as a weapon and to manipulate your environment, an ability required to solve the majority of puzzles encountered. These puzzles, though, are hardly taxing and their solution is usually well signposted.

    All in all, this is a decent game that's worth playing, if only to see what shooters were like several years ago.