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  1.  One of the Best Anime Films to date


    Redline is a anime movie that you may never heard of but is one you should look into. The movie is an adrenaline fueled racing movie telling the story of the race in Redline which is the biggest and most deadly racing tournament in the universe. Each of the race scenes are done by animation not CGI unlike most recent anime shows and movies. It is a visually stunning anime which has to be watched on Blu Ray to be truly enjoyed. Good story and great racing scenes. A Blu-Ray Anime movie which is a must have for your collection

  2.  True HD Remake of two PS2 Classics


    The Zone of the Enders games were two of the best games on the PlayStation 2 and thanks to Kojima you get to play these games again with enhanced graphics. Just like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection the Zone of the Enders HD Collection gets full HD treatment making them look well for their age. If your interested in battling Mechs then this will probably be the game for you. Also the metal gear rising revengeance Demo is an added bonus

  3.  One of the Best Fighters of 2012


    The Dead Or Alive Series keeps on improving and in the latest instalment proves this fact. The graphics in the game are stunning and the same goes for the character models. Something that may put you off is this is more technical than other fighting games such as Tekken Tag Tournament 2 due to the fact Dead Or Alive 5 relies on the countering system because if you cannot counter then you will only endure countless hits from your enemy. Easy game to pick up and play and strongly recommended.

  4.  Great Games but not always HD


    The Devil May Cry Series consists of three brilliant hack and slash games but the title of HD Collection is not accurate. The beginning of Devil May Cry 1 it suffers from out of sync audio and no HD treatment. Its only half-way through the game does this improve and the HD treatment kicks in making the game look even better than before. Devil May Cry 2 and 3 do not suffer from the audio problems rather same case of taking half way through the game for the HD treatment to appear which make the games more stunning. Overall its a great collection for the fans of the games and is a great starter for those looking to play the originals since playing the new Dmc:Devil May Cry

  5.  Excellent FIlm


    Truly a fantastic movie with a very gripping plot and characters. Takashi Miike gives life to each of the characters showing their back story which then leads to the main plot of the film. A very interesting approach towards the period of time of the fall of the samurai. In response to lordkreig review about the sword fight, he deflects the blades and then attacks because he didn't fight with the intent to kill. If you enjoy classic samurai movies then you will love this. If your wanting some more action packed with non-stop action then go watch The Raid or Ong Bak. Otherwise you will not be disappointed with Hari-Kiri: Death of a Samurai which looks stunning on Blu-Ray