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  1.  Pretty Good


    Whilst it's certainly not a gaming classic, this is still an enjoyable romp through some familiar & some new ghostbusting territories. It's enjoyable at the outset and there are plenty of weapon upgrades & humour to keep you entertained. Although i found the game started to drag a little towards the end, that still didn't detract from the fact that, overall, it was a good bit of fun and for the price you really can't grumble.

  2.  Absolutely Abysmal Abhorrent Abomination!


    Oh dear, oh dear. Put your bank card back in your wallet/purse.
    I've played many RPG's in my time and i have to say this is comfortably the worst game, let alone RPG, i can ever remember playing. What a horrible waste of money buying it, and waste of time playing it.
    Yes it's vast. If you wish to call that a positive, it's the only one.
    As someone else has commented, the camera angle is poor without the option of altering it.
    The graphics, contrary to other reviewers, are mediocre at best. It's Atari ST standard. The characters, maps and every other on screen aspect of the game appear small and unclear even on my 42" Panasonic Full HD Plasma.
    Worst of all is the animation - it would be laughable if it hadn't cost so much to buy it! Especially during combat, it's pathetically jerky. Far worse than an episode of South Park!
    The entire action is so completely unplayable, unbelievable and aesthetically unenjoyable, it's impossible to take it seriously.
    If you want a high quality, intelligent, enjoyable & intensely playable RPG with longevity to match, the best I've played so far on the PS3 is The Elder Scrolls Oblivion. But frankly anything else would be an improvement on this utter disgrace of a "game".

  3.  Excellent!


    I'm not much of a keen reader but was recommended to have a go at this one; an account of the author's childhood.
    This is my first time reading anything by Bill Bryson and without question it will not be my last. It's fantastic!
    It's easy to tell Bryson is a master wordsmith - the way the book flows makes it difficult to put down and i finished it in 3 visits - approximately 230 visits quicker than the last book I read.

  4.  Seriously immersive gameplay


    This is by far the best RPG available on the PS3 and the best i've ever played on any format. It's so completely immersive and open that you can play for weeks, perhaps months on end without even playing the main storyline as the world is so huge and there is so much else to do. Could lead to relationship problems as the game is so good!
    One thing, another reviewer mentioned a glitch regarding getting a cure after becoming a vampire, as the lady that makes your cure won't accept one of the ingredients (Bloodgrass). To solve this glitch, save your game then go to the PS3 System settings, change the language to German (Deutsch), load the disc again, load your game and for some reason the lady will accept the ingredient (Blutgrass) this time. Save your game, go back to change the PS3 system language settings to English - your game is not ruined and you'll have a cure for vampirism.
    Other than this glitch, the game is absolutely perfect. Enjoy!

  5.  I love Jack Black but....


    This is by far his worst movie (and I've seen Nacho Libre!)
    A couple of funny bits when they remake the movies (especially the Ghostbusters effort), but on the whole it's pretty dire.
    The story is cheesy, the script is lame & the jokes are so few & far between it makes for quite a gruelling watch.

  6.  FIFA comes in 2nd place yet again


    To all loyal PES fans, this new version is a great improvement. It's harder than it was last year, which wasn't easy. Where this game really comes into it's own is the new additional feature "Become A Legend", which is just out of this world. I'll save FIFA fans the bother of boring you with how strikingly similar it is to a feature on their game. But don't let that worry you - it's better. Overall, it's more playable, the AI of the computer players is fantastic. This is going to be really challenging to master (I've only had it since Friday) but, as I;m discovering on Become a Legend, man it's rewarding when you get it right.
    The graphics are better than last year, the sound of the crowd & the commentators has improved - but best of all, the sound effects are cracking - the noise of hitting the post/crossbar is excellent - but not as good as hitting the back of the net!
    One let down - I wouldn't normally let it bother me, but this year it has - why oh why aren't the teams up to date with summer transfers? Poor show from Konami.
    Other than that, the game is a blinder and would have got 5 stars if it wasn't for having to spend hours updating the teams myself.
    Get it and become a legend!!!

  7.  Exceptionally Funny!


    It's odd how alcohol-fuelled decision making usually leads to disastrous consequences. Tony Hawks' inability to not have a silly drunken idea has led to this - the funniest book I've ever read! Round Ireland with a Fridge is a fantastic & inspiring adventure story, expertly written. A genuinely laugh out loud funny book I will definitely read again in the future. Tony Hawks' other books are also well worth a read, but this is his best work.

  8.  Hmmm... It's ok


    I agree with the majority of reviewers. The Simpsons Game is fun whilst it lasts, but interest dies out once you complete the game first time around.
    If you like The Simpsons, then the cut-scenes are very funny with some high quality original material and some stuff that's old hat but enjoyable nonetheless.
    Longevity is the key issue here. It's probably a great game for kids. But if you're older than 12 (like me), you won't play it for more than a few days without completing it & deciding not to bother going back to it to find all the hidden items.

  9.  A worthwhile purchase


    A remote control that looks good and does what it needs to. A worthy purchase for anyone wanting to make full use of the visual marvels of Blu-Ray!

  10.  Brilliant Graphics, Story, Characters & Gameplay


    Saying this game has excellent graphics is an understatement. This is truly Next-Generation gaming. At full HD 1080p, every image in every stage of the game is quite stunning.
    Asides from it's spectacular looks, it's brilliant to play too.
    It's similar in style to the Tomb-Raider franchise but so much more fun to play.
    The story about the search for the fabled El Dorado is, if you let your imagination run free just a little, quite believable, The characters are instantly likeable and the action is excellent.
    It's not a difficult game, but when I first completed it, I increased the difficulty level and started again from the beginning and will gladly do so again when I next complete it.
    Well worth every penny.