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    Despite what others have said this volume not only ups the pace but has it coming from unexpected angles - its moved on as one would expect from anime - did you honestly expect the game to stay the same? Without giving much away things suddenly get a lot more difficult for light.

    For me it was annoying to only get 1 disc because i want to know what happens next!!!!!!!!!!!! Always with the cliff hangers!

    Its true there is one episode that delves back in to the past but i rather enjoyed it and it was definitely a worthwhile episode.

    Go buy.

  2.  Awesome


    Dark Conflict moves away from the often far too cute story line of the previous games. It is war after all. Control and game mechanics remain mostly the same with some tweaks. The single player game features tutorials to take newbs through the learning curve. Its an enjoyable campaign and also unlocks COs for use on line or in one off games.

    The units function as before, gone are the Neo Tanks but air craft carriers that can build planes are added along with bikes that act like fast infantry. That means they can capture buildings, but move slowly off road. APCs are now able to build temporary airports/docks which can facilitate repairs but are unable to build new units. These new units allow for some interesting new tactics.

    Perhaps the biggest change is in the COs. Gone are the often too devastating dual strikes of the previous DS game and CO bonuses potentially giving ALL your units more powerful attacks/defence. Instead your CO is added to a unit (like a tank or plane) and adds certain bonuses to near by units. This change makes for a more tactical game, forcing you to carefully place your CO for maximum effect. It also means both sides are far more balanced so you have to out think your opponent rather than just come up with a the best CO powers and dual strike.

    On the plus side it means you don't have to sit and watch as your whole army gets eaten by a dual strike. On the other hand I did quite enjoy the scheming that went on to get a proper brutal dual strike in but I think this is more satisfying.

    The graphics are no better than before, though a zoom feature is included which I find of no use at all. Still it doesnt detract from the game.

    A great addition to the series, go buy it.

  3.  what notebooks/laptops should be


    First I would like to say a big well done to Apple. They have added a huge amount of small touches to this product to make it far better than your average PC notebook (computing specs aside for now). I think PC designers have had it easy, producing ugly and unergonomic machines - go Apple for mixing it up a bit and forcing them to make a bit more of an effort.

    HArdware wise these include a slot loading DVD drive, mag-safe power cord, sensibly laid out and accessible sockets/plugs and a handly little remote control for those who need it amongst many other things. Software wise I wont go in to as I would be here all day, OSX is great - I only wise I could get expose* on my work PC!

    Regarding the specs, this little guy is at the low end but does well despite that - far more than enough for any MS office app, not too heavy photoshop use etc. Also runs all my mac games with no problem at all. I also run multiple apps at the same time with no detectable slow down.

    As for the previous reviewer I am a bit troubled: MSN works fine and have never had a problem. Boot camp, the bit of kit that allows you to run windows also works prefectly, I run XP on mine (never crashed I am shocked to say) with absolutely no hitch at all.

    You will notice that you have no where near the choice of games but its hardly a gaming machine anyway, as for any other program I need if it isnt available for OSX I can switch to XP and away I go.

    Bottom line is if you want a good notebook and dont require it to run anything too intensive then this is your boy, want to play the newest games then look elsewhere.

    *seems like a silly point but just to clarify. Expose allows you to minimise all open windows or reduce them all in size so you can see them all on screen at the same time buy flicking your mouse pointer in to screen corners you specify. Extremely handy if you have a huge amount of apps running as I usually do.......