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  1.  Excellent phone!


    I, like most of the country, was affected by the delay of the pebble blue version of the S3. That quite annoyed me as, at the time, I was thinking I'd rather it was just black anyway! My device was finally delivered on June 18th and I actually prefer the pebble blue colouring to the black S2 I've upgraded from which was a welcomed surprise. It isn't overly blue and is quite dark in most lightings on the front, but the back is more of a metallic blue that is quite attractive. The screen is big and very detailed. I realise the dpi is slightly less than that of the iphone 4, but my brother has one and you can't tell the difference. All you notice is how much bigger the screen on the S3 is! 4.8 inches appears to be just right, but I think any bigger will be getting into tablet territory.

    The weight of the S3 is roughly the same as the weight of the S2. If anything I find that the phone goes even more unnoticed in my pocket. However, the phone is not in any way 'like a toy' as some reviews have suggested. It feels sturdier than the S2 and is more comfortable to hold due to the curved shape. In fact, the only downside is that the back cover seems flimsy when being removed, but that was an issue with the S2 as well and is a small price to pay for having such a high quality and light phone.

    The S3 starts a good 10-20 seconds quicker than the S2 and the battery seems to last considerably longer. I would often find that after a day of moderate to heavy use I would have had to plug the S2 in once during the day to top the battery up a bit. So far the S3 has still had around 20% battery left at the end of the day, so I'm impressed with that.

    I haven't put the quadcore processor to good use yet, although the loading time of GTA 3 is almost non existent. I've watched a 1080p HD movie on the phone which looked amazing, although as the phone is 720p I'm sure a 720p file would look just as good. I have tried HD movies as big as 12GB and there has been no slow done and you can skip from one part of the file to another instantly. The phone accepts any file I send its way and even plays some mkv files that my S2 wouldn't play. The S3 is definitely the best multimedia phone I've ever had.

    I've written more than I intended, but hey, it has a lot of great features! The camera, although 8 megapixels like the S2, is also a nice improvement. Many new features have been included, but I must say the only ones I've used are the panoramic shot and multi shot which are cool. The best bit is that it actually takes a photo as soon as you hit the button! The flash is also a lot less blinding than the S2 but this doesn't take anything away from photos taken in low light. The video camera is 1080p like that of the S2 but I have found it's a lot better at focusing than the S2 camera which is something I'm glad they sorted.

    Well done for getting to the bottom of this massive review! If you just skipped to this part then all I can say is get the S3 - you won't be disappointed!