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  1.  Just not big enough.


    This game is half decent and worth at least a week of your gaming time, but for an RPG it is way too linear and short. I'd say the price on release should have been around 15 quid given the lack of content. There is a lot of DLC available but for what you would have to spend on it you can get 2 or 3 new games instead.

  2.  Just Ace!


    This is an amazing laptop. Acer tend to make quality gear at a low price and this is a prime example. It's speedy with plenty of storage. The only thing it can't do is a few straight hours of Civilization 5 at anything more than minimum graphics settings, which is the only reason why I am now looking for a good desktop. I run a few music recording/editting programmes on this laptop with my m-audio interface; I'll have a recording programme, iTunes, a couple of internet windows, BoInc and MSN Messenger and it works perfectly.

  3. Cell



    Available  used  from  £2.49

     I loved it.


    I bought this book impulsively in town and by the time I had to get off the bus heading home I was hooked. I had to run from the bus stop to my house so I wouldn't be tempted to stand in the street reading (thus looking ridiculous).

    Overall, it's a good read but some scenes are particularly great. An original concept sets the scene for what is essentially a zombie fest. And from the zombie outbreak follows a whole variety of situations, encounters, twists and reveals. I don't think the characters are well developed but we certainly get to know the zombies, sorry... 'phone crazies'.

    Before I delve in too deep and start dishing out spoilers I'll finish with this; If you're looking for something to spark your imagination and you like zombies, buy this book.

  4.  You get what you pay for


    Waste of time and money? No. If you want an ice cube tray that produces ammmunition shaped ice cubes, buy this. But remember, it's a novelty item, don't buy it if you 'need' ammunition shaped ice cubes that won't let you down... Soem of these reviews are far too critical considering the novelty aspect of this item.

  5. PAIN



    Available  used  from  £5.19

     PAINfully bad


    This is a novelty game, and 20 minute gimmick, maybe 40 if you've really not got anything better to do. There are a few challanges and plenty of characters/levels to waste your money on, but no matter the level, challenge or character, you're basically flinging someone from a giant catapult and watching it hit things. I bought this game impusively without looking into what it's all about, so please learn from my mistake and take this review onboard. Trust me, spend your money on a blu-ray movie or put it towards a different PS3 game.

  6.  Classic Kay


    Bits and bobs that aren't available on any format so far, compiled onto one DVD. The negative reviews are un-justified, since you get what you pay for; If you're a fan of Peter Kay, read the product description, go into a store and read the back of the case, if you like the sound of it, buy it. Good stocking filler for any Kay fan.

  7.  Stunning game


    You could just download this game from the Playstation Network (PSN) but at 3.3GB, if you only have a 40GB system you are better off nipping to a store or ordering it. Even on an 80GB system, you don't want 3.3GB of space taken up on a game you could just have amongst you physical game collection (plus it takes ages to download). But onto the game, fantastic graphics, the detail of each an every crash is superb, gameplay is great if you like driving games. Personally, i'm happy enough driving around Liberty City, but if you rate graphics as highly important, Burnout Paradise makes a fantastic change, without the fear of running into a hail of police shotgun pellets. It's not all cars either, buy this game and you can download motorbikes and all future updates for free.