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  1.  Nice but somehow uninteresting


    I bought a copy of this game when I bought my PS Vita as I really like the Uncharted games on the PS3 and was really excited about playing something similar on a handheld - I was impressed by the graphics (very close to the PS3 Uncharted) sound was great, gameplay was the same (with a few tweaks for the touch-screen) and the picture and puzzles parts were a nice break from the running, gunning and climbing. BUT for some reason I just can't get interested in it! I also find the controls to be a bit dubious - swinging on ropes was once a simple process on the PS3, but now on the PS Vita, it's a fiddly, cumbersome affair. Overall - a great game, but it just doesn't grab your attention.

  2.  THE best game on the PSP


    Title says it all - this game is incredible. There's so much more to it than sneaking around and doing the usual stuff as in the console versions. The one thing I didn't like initially was the fact that you can't stealth kill enemies - however, once you realise that you actually benefit from NOT killing them, the game get a hold of you. Fantastic graphics, sound - the cut-scenes are awesome too. This is THE best PSP game I've every played. So dig out your PSP, dust it off and buy this game. For under a tenner it's an absolute bargain.

  3.  Amazing machine


    What an amazing little hand-held! So far I've only got the Uncharted game and downloaded a demo for Unit 13 (which wasn't too great to be honest) but Uncharted is almost like having a PS3 in your hand - it's amazing. Looking forward to the Metal Gear game. This is a massive leap in hand-held gaming and nothing else comes close right now. There's some great part-ex deals to be had so shop around and get one of these now - you won't regret it.

  4.  Demo review


    Downloaded the demo the other day - wasn't expecting too much but this really shows what the little 3DS can do - it's just like playing the original game but with sharper, more HD graphics - amazing. Unfortunately for older games (like me) I played the original a hundred years ago and so it's not really something Id pay for again. For those who havent played the original - you MUST but this game. It's one of the best games ever - and has a sniper boss level that has to be played to be believed.

  5.  Great game but..


    This game is epic but as good as it is, it's without a doubt THE most bugged game I've ever played. The main problems I've encountered are with encountering enemies whilst wandering around, killing them and then later on in the game you may get a mission to go back to that location and kill them - the game doesn't respawn them so the mission cannot be completed. I've also had a handful of lockups and the pointer (which is supposed to indicate where you need to go) is unreliable at best. However, if you're prepared to put up with all of that, this game has some of the best graphics I've seen for a long time - the scenery is just stunning in places. It's got a great character development system and the ability to craft items and upgrade them is simple and a lot of fun.

    Fantastic game - it just needs an update that deals with the mission problems.

  6.  Less than impressive


    I initially was disappointed with this game - it looks & sounds very retro. I also find the controls are THE most frustrating game controls ever. The game itself is incredibly simple - but simple acts like trying to 'play' your harp (moving your hand left and right) are made frustratingly hit and miss affairs because of the abysmally unresponsive Wii controller. And it's the same for other parts of the game too - parts where you have to manipulate a door key using the controller - if it was a normal controller it would take you 5 seconds - it's a 10 minute job using the Wii controller!! I love the Zelda games but the Wii controller totally kills this game. Graphics and sound are ok, but if you're expecting a game that looks like Twilight Princess then think again - this game looks more or less like Ocarina of Time - not a bad thing, but bearing in mind that game was released over 10 years ago on the N64...! However, if you're prepared to put up with the abysmal controls, the poor graphics and sound then you'll find it's an enjoyable game - I don't think it's worthy of the rave reviews it's being receiving, but it's worth the purchase simply because it gives you great value for money - most other games can be finished over a couple of days - I've been grinding on this game for about a week now and I'm still only about 70% completed. A great game crippled by being on the Wii platform.

  7.  An Improvement


    This controller is NOT lighter and smaller than the original Wii controller (unless the original Wii controller has the motionplus clagged on the end) This controller is better in one way only - the motionplus is built in - no more having to unplug the motionplus adapter - that's really it. It's still as unresponsive as the old controller .

  8.  Outstanding


    I wasn't expecting too much from this game but my god - what a game! It's just one massive rollercoaster from start to finish! Everything about this game is absolutely amazing - graphics are some of the best I've seen on a console, sound and music is fantastic and the gameplay is just right - not too hard and not too easy. It also has THE BEST facial graphics on ANY game I've played to date - it's really like watching a movie. If you have a PS3 then you HAVE TO BUY THIS!

  9.  Good but not that good


    I actually was pretty impressed with this game when I started playing it - graphics were nice, controls were tight and overall it played very well. I just couldn't put it down and level after level rolled by until I completed it - in around 2 days (on and off) There's nothing really innovative in this game - just run and gun but it's a good blast if nothing else. It's not a keeper and I'm part-exing it for another game but if you're after something to while away a few hours on a miserable weekend then you could do a lot worse than this game.

  10.  Single player review


    Well once again it seems the advertised game wasn't the console versions - yup, I believed the hype AGAIN. Graphics are par for the course for this type of game - in fact the whole single player campaign is nothing special. However, this game has a couple of problems that I HATE. The main problem is with cover - there are parts of this game where you can be in a ditch, behind a large rock and enemy rounds will STILL hit you - VERY annoying. The other is your team members are appallingly bad shots - often not being able to hit an enemy 10 feet in front of them - resulting in you having to do it for them. It also seems to suffer from the 'every enemy soldier shooting at just me' syndrome. However, these are minor whinges and you soon start to enjoy the game once you know what to expect. It's certainly no COD and lacks a lot of the polish of the COD games, but it comes pretty close in terms of quality. I didn't play the multiplayer and suspect this is where the game will truly shine, but just reviewing on the single player campaign, I have to say that despite the minor problems, it's a great game. It's got some nice little vehicle levels that break up the game -and they are done very well. Overall I'd recommend this game to fans of the genre.