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  1.  Sloppy


    Great movies, but the BR transfer is sloppy. The only thing of note are the new featurettes, otherwise picture quality is typical glossy hi-def / same print (i.e. high-grain visibility). Woo hoo.

  2.  Outstanding BR quality


    I'm usually very picky about my BR quality reviews (I'm largely of the opinion that most BRs are little better than their upscaled DVD eqvs). However, on this, amazing transfer - it's a must have BR in my opinion. Not sure if same as Region A Criterion, but certainly not complaining at this little gem. Great movie also - although I personally think Milck is a little overated

  3.  Are you kidding?


    Just proves Smith really was a one-hit wonder. Re-watch Live Free or Die Hard if you want to see a Willis action/comedy. Mis-directed, mis-well, just about everything - except Sean William Scott, who has a funny cameo.

  4.  Just like the film, average transfer


    Don't get me wrong, Spielberg and Cruise are very talented - but together? MR is so cliched - fun, but we've seen it all before. Same goes for the average WotW. Saw an early version of the BR - better than the DVD, but not the best transfer. BR seems to excel on certain older films (How West Was Won) but mainly on new films (Avatar - clear improvement on BR)

  5.  Still one of my top 10 movies...


    Can't fault the film. More importantly, what's the BD like? It's marginally better than the DVD (am comparing on 1080p, 200" screen). It is the director's cut - but don't be fooled, it's the same cut as the original DVD.

  6.  Great - DVD quality no difference to BR


    Liked it at the cinema, but didn't think it was as good as CR - however, I thought it was even better 2nd time round. Can't fault DVD quality on upscaled 1080p 150 inch projector - so save money and buy DVD over BR.

  7.  Worst apocalypic movie ever (in my opinion)


    Imagine the cast of Emerdale Farm meeting the Children of the Damned. I couldn't either.

  8.  Disappointing


    Shame, was hoping this would be great - came across like a poor cross between Thank You for Smoking and Grosse Pointe Blank.

  9.  Poor


    Poor script, poor animation, awful ending - can't someone make a decent zombie flick?

  10.  Pretty good


    Projector arrived at 9am Friday - does anyone know when the free screen is sent? Not even Play seem to be able to help. Otherwise great on a white wall - as long as you don't move your eyes too much otherwise you get the red/green/blue hue effect. Not sure how to minimise this - suggestions anyone?