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  1.  Strong, strong voices


    Bought Dream Girls for a bargain price and decided to finally watch it after being told how great it was. I'm a great fan of musicals anyway so for me this hit all the right notes, although at times with so many powerful voices I felt my ear drums were going to shatter. That said, Eddie Murphy as the role of Jimmy 'Thunder' Early was a great choice, I thought he played it so good. Beyonce was great as well as the, at first timid, but then Diva like Deena, but the real show stealer was Jennifer Hudson. Her role as the brash Effie was great. The only criticism I have with this film is that throughout it, I didn't really know where my deepest sympathies laid - With Jimmy Early for being outshone, Deena for being forced to be in the shadows, or Effie for being pushed out of the limelight. All in all though, it was a good feel good film.

  2.  Smokin'


    I forgot how great this film was. It's definitely one of Jim Carrey's better performances, along with Ace Ventura, as he plays the rubber faced Mask excellently. He also plays loveless loser Stanley Ipkiss with great wit and sarcasm. The effects are really good, considering when this was made. Watch this if you fancy a great retro film.

  3.  Different Drama in the LB


    I wasn't quite sure what to make of this season of Laguna Beach, as the only cast member i'd heard of was Breanna, sister of Season 1 alum LC.
    Sadly, it didn't live up to the other 2 seasons before. The drama is based around the main topics - hook ups, break ups, bitchiness, different cliques and the girls not liking each other.
    I really didn't like juniors Kynrda, Lexie, Breanna and especially Cami - the girl is so annoying, and if you watch it, be prepared for her hooters hanging out in every scene! This season was different as it was narrated by the 'outsider' Tessa, who was a bit of an odd choice as she was not in with the popular clique. Tessa's best friend Rocky aka Raquel is probably the only girl i liked and the most mature of the seniors.
    However, Chase, Kelan and Alex made for some eye candy.
    I'd only recommend this for die hard Laguna Beach fans.

  4.  Drama


    I already have all of Laguna Beach and the Hills so I had to have season 3 after hearing all the positive reviews from other people and I wasn't disappointed. This season just got bitchier with the arrival of Lo to mess up LC and Audrina's friendship, Stephanie to separate LC and Heidi even more, and Heidi to step in and get friendlier with Audrina. Add to that a mixture of fashion, Boys and LA nightclubs this season is fab. Although I have to say that although I do really like LC, if she can make up with Jen Bunney I personally think maybe it's time to bury the hatchet with Heidi, even if she is with Spencer the Pratt!

  5.  A playboy bunny fairtyale


    I really like Anna Faris and although she always plays the dumb person with her breathy voice, I thought she played the lead really well. She reminded me a little of Joey in friends, not very bright but really really sweet. I always like the makeover kind of films so when they transformed the geeks into 'hotties' I enjoyed it, although some of the geeks were in fact freaks! Personally I really liked this and would recommend it for either a girlie night in, or to even watch it with your boyfriend, as there are parts that most will chuckle to.

  6.  A bit dumb


    I really didn't wanna say this - but I thought this film was really bad! I normally adore Steve Carrel, especially as his role in the Office, but in 'Get Smart' I just felt that he wasn't being used to his full potential. I feel that his humour is a lot wittier than slapstick which I felt he was doing most of the time. I'm not a huge Anne Hathaway fan either, but I know she is a good actress and again, I feel she was out of place in 'Get Smart'. I've never done this before, but I even turned off halfway through the film, that's how bored of it I was. You may think differently, but I just really didn't enjoy it.

  7.  Drama


    Who cares if this is meant to be set up and scripted? It's so addictive it's untrue. I loved Laguna Beach and following LC from there to the Hollywood Hills is great TV. I know she's juggling school and an ever demanding internship at Teen Vogue, but I would still love to live her life! Carry on watching to season 2 and you'll begin to hate Heidi and Spencer the Pratt! Looking forward to getting season 3 this weekend - Eeep.

  8.  I heart Ari


    I can not believe that this hasn't got a bigger following over here. The first time I saw it on DVD, I loved it. Each actor plays the perfect part, my favourite being the way Jeremy Piven plays the egomaniac mental agent Ari. I also adore Turtle, Drama is ace and E, Ari and Vinny are hot. It's exactly the way I imagine life to be if you're a young successful actor in Hollywood. If you buy the first season, carry on buying coz it just gets better and better.

  9.  Enjoyable flick


    Decided to watch this as there was nothing else on on a Sunday night. I have to say that I enjoyed it, it passed the time easily and although I thought Amanda Bynes would be annoying as hell, I really like her in this. It was kind like a spin between bend it like Beckham and It's a boy girl thing. It wasn't an amazing film, but enjoyable and watchable.

  10.  Witty and interesting


    I bought this book well before it was out on TV and I loved it then. It was the first racy book I'd read. I really enjoyed the diary format, I thought it worked well and thought that even in the parts where there is some quite sexually descriptive stuff, it was still well written and fluid like. I have read this book time and time again, and I think its fab.