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  1.  This is NOT a subsim


    This game is an arcade action war game, it is not a simulator. There are three depths, deep, periscope depth and surface. Torpedos can only fire in the direction of the boat. Very very unsatisfactory.

    Not recommended.

  2.  Outstanding! The adventure begins AGAIN!


    The writer and producers have struck gold here. For many trekkies who grew up (or didn't actually!) in the 60's like me, we have already invested in the central characters of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Uhura and Chekov.

    This movie sees them come to life in a new story opportunity with those same characters utterly brilliantly characterised and filmed. You almost have to pinch yourself that some of the actors aren't in fact younger versions of themselves.

    As i was drawn into this movie, my attention was completely captivated for over 2 hours that seemed like it was 25 minutes. That takes some doing!

    It is my fervent hope this picture heralds the start of a new series of equally enthralling adventures for the characters that so many of us grew up with and came to love with an unparalleled affection.

  3.  Excellent fun - great toy


    My kids love it and its the best price in the UK (I believe). Play do NOT yet stock spare darts (known as streamline darts) for this toy. Please look into this Play.com

  4.  Underpowered


    Compared to other funs in the Nerf range. This is very underpowered and struggles to make the suckers stick to a smooth door placed only two yards away. Compared with the dart tag system which sticks via the velcro effect, this is irritating. Do not recommend unless you want the feeling that your darts are coming out of the gun on a wheel chair.

  5.  Not brain friendly


    The story and bond of qos are fabulous. Mt craig is becoming a firm favourite of mine. Stylistically, the fast cut jason bourne style of story telling is rubbish and, film makers take note, is the equivalent of unwanted loud music in a high class restaurant. It assaults the senses in a way which deprives us of the historical grandeur commensurate with bond.

    The answer is, keep up the writing but let the screenplay flow. Bourne is not bond and bond doesn't need to aspire to be bourne. For those of us who are a little autistic or have aspergers, watching the film actually hurts the brain and makes it hard to watch without feeling stressed. If you don't suffer from this (1 in 300 of the general population) you won't understand- but the restaurant metaphor i gave earlier should give you some idea.

    Dc is great - welcome daniel - and by the way you were great in defiance.

  6.  Tired of Windows?


    I was and bought one of these six months ago. I have NOT looked back. So intuitive, so easy, so beautiful and above all so reliable. Do it. You will not regret it. Leopard is fantastic. Wireless - intervention free backups to Timecapsule. There is LOADS of open source software available like Neo-Office. Time to say bye-bye to the monopoly.

  7.  A responsible and reasonable exploration of good science


    For many, the idea that we (human kind) can not influence global warming is a terrifying prospect. This idea is, I suspect, close to the truth as this DVD illustrates quite well. Humans tend to reject what is uncomfortable, and they are also manipulated by fear. This DVD will be unpopular because it's truth affirms the idea that global warming and cooling are far less to do with the activities of mankind than we might want to believe. Good science for a change. Well presented. Not to be taken as an excuse to waste fuel, however. There is still a pollution and energy problem which must be addressed.