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  1.  Wasn't all that..


    Was really looking forward to seeing this, and i honestly don't know why.. it wasn't rubbish.. it was amusing.. but it just felt a bit boring, not that many funny bits, really guttes, still worth a watch though..

  2.  Better than its big brother.


    Believe it or not, i prefer playing FIFA on my Vita, than my PlayStation 3, Graphically wise it's extremely close to the PS3.. The Vita's screen elaborates every spec of detail, wicked visuals and sounds. Now to the best bits.. The controls a closely the same, besides L2 and R2 are obviously not available on the Vita, so they integrated the controls with L1 and R1, and it works perfectly.. but the bit that won me over was the shooting mechanism.. you have two choices.. either the old school circle to shoot.. or.. imagine the back of you Vita is the goal, you tap a point on the back of the Vita and the player will attempt to shoot to the goal where your finger tapped, the longer you hold your finger the more power the player uses.. sounds easy, but trust me it's still a challenge! love this game, must buy. So dope!

  3.  You won't put your Vita down..


    After recently purchasing the Vita a few weeks back i got this and 2 other top title games, and do not get me wrong the other titles are good but Gravity Rush is totally new, i haven't played nothing similar, the graphics are obviously not as detailed as for example Golden Abyss but it's not suppose to, it has a cartoon, comic feel to it, and it is a beautiful world to play in! The game itself isn't too difficult, it is a tiny bit repetitive, but it's still extremely fun and there's other side missions in the open world to keep you occupied even after you complete the main game. Definitely a must buy for all Vita owners! So dope!