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  1.  Good effort...


    As with Terminitwits review I was concerned about the flimsy spike hands. Try dipping them in hot water then holding them straight while they cool, it improved mine a little. The T-1000 does come with a pair of normal hands aswell which is how I display it along with the brilliant 'donut head'. Apart from the head sculpt, this is the weakest of the series.

  2.  Steelbook blu ray


    Great film with an excellent blu-ray transfer.

    On the disc.
    Audio. Eng 5.1 DTS HD. Russian 5.1 DTS plus many more in 2.0

    Predators. Sneek peek
    Predator Evolution of a species featurette
    Commentary with John McTiernan
    Text commentary
    If it bleeds we can kill it. The Making of Predator
    Predator profile
    Inside the Predator
    Special effects
    Short takes. interviews with cast and crew
    Deleted scenes and outtakes
    Predator and Predator 2 theatrical trailers
    Photo gallery

    Also comes with the DVD copy of Predator.
    An excellent addition to the steelbook collection.

  3.  Very gruesome and evil deady


    NECA has not held back at all on poor Henrietta from the rotting flesh to the almost full nudity - definitely not one for the kiddies OR anyone who is sqeamish.

    The paint job on my figure is very very good which on the 7 inch scale can be a problem.

    The articulation is great - a ball-jointed head - pin and socket shoulders elbows hips and knees. She also has swivel in her wrists upper torso and ankles.

    The figure comes with an alternative long-necked head - you know the one Ash chops off - that has *real* hair.
    There is also a base you can attach her to which gives the illusion that she's floating - very cool and a great idea.

    NECA has done a fine job on these Evil Dead II series figures and displaying them all together is very satisfying.

  4.  Grooovy....


    Evil Dead 2 was one of my fave horror of the eighties, tongue in cheek, cheesy/cool dialogue and buckets of OTT bloody effects - I loved it!

    The Blu-ray is a little disappointing, though, as the transfer doesn't greatly improve the picture quality. There are actually LESS extra features than the DVD release, maybe they are holding back until a steelbook special edition is released - I hope so.
    The 5.1 audio is good.

    Bruce, you are the man!