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  1.  Bad bad movie!!!


    Total rubbish! Ideal for those simpletons who are dazzled by effects and don't care about acting, dialogue and story!!! Awful Australian accent by Sean Slater from Eastenders.

    A terrible film all round but the effects are superb!

  2.  Amazing!


    This is an Amazing film! Superbly shot! Special Effects faultless! A film that will move you and will certainly enjoy. This is a very different and interesting film with a complicated plot. If you are easily confused, or find complicated plots hard to follow then this is not for you!!

    All in all this really is amazing!

  3.  Oh Dear!!!


    These type of movies should never ever get the green light! Football Factory - Awful this was even worse. This would only appeal to those whom lack the ability to think and process information in film that has a real plot. Perfect for the mindless Eastenders fan! If you couldnt follow The Matrix, Inception or the Usual Suspects then this is definately for you!!! A moronic film for moronic people!!!!!



    This film has a has a great title sequence which give the impression of a sophisticated thriller! After that it was all down hill. Plan-B looks way too young to be a copper. More like he's fresh from the womb! Too young, not convincing, badly acted. Bit in the bar was cliche and over the top and to add that my eyes were in extreme pain and watching this appalingly directed peice of non cinematic trash!!!! Nick Love's movies are all in the same league......Absolute rubbish. Mindless, Bad Story, Bad Acting, Bad Directing, too cockney and as far as british films go., c'mon please give us a break from this type of film.

    It's like flogging a dead horse and appeals to the Jeremy Kyle, Jobless and greasy teen types.

    Please for GODS SAKE! Do NOT!! Make a sequel. Phew....Thats my rant over!!