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  1.  Very bad quality


    Component-wise these are sound, but the as far as assembly is concerned, it's is a whole separate kettle of fish.

    These consist basically of the LED and a switch. The point to point soldering is executed better by GCSE students - seriously! The soldering is carried out inside the plastic case, so even if you're pretty tasty with a soldering iron, some of the contacts may be melted in and beyond repair or removal - without completely destroying each light. I bought a batch of six of these a year ago and the build quality was spot on. Six more from Play.com and only two work straight from the box. Thought I'd write this while my soldering iron warmed up. I expect to be fine filing the edges to get the units water tight too!

  2.  Novelty is right


    You do get attention from anyone about when using one of these. The only problem with that is, you're never quite sure if it's:
    -The pretty light
    -That they don't know why you're doing it
    -... or worst of all, why you're breaking a sweat while looking like you're trying to get the powerball off (or yourself - who knows?)

    Other points to consider:
    -If you do get your finger near the open face of the spinning ball you will get either a nip or a friction burn (not for the kiddies)
    -Although it works really well straight out of the box, the bearings do get a bit gritty as time goes on.

  3.  Good Value


    No problems with these so far.

    £6.99 is a fair price for Sony branded CD's - especially delivered. If you've bought discs from any online stores that cost you for shipping, based on package weight, the overall price usually suggests to buy from town instead.

  4.  Solid


    These are very well made.

    A bit ugly, but does the job of helping you get leathered, without the pain of chinning or impaling yourself with those annoying cartoon can-opener corkscrews.

    The foil remover is more of a gimmick - and breaks at the mere suggestion of removing that pesky foil bottle-armour.

  5.  Good value on the 3 for 2 offer


    There are better products out there, but not for a price as low as these. Every now and again (I think about 1 in 100, which is significantly more than the Infiniti Samurai for instance), you get a DVD that turns out to be a DUD. The flaws, which occur at manufacture, are easily noticable just by looking. This is a real pain if you find that you can't close the disc, once full of your TV recordings. By all means buy away, but do take the couple of seconds checking the surface of each disc before committing to record on it. I'm still using them, but I use better for PC data.