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  1.  A great idea let down by poor build


    When I first saw this joystick, I almost ruined my laptop with drool. After shelling out almost £100, I was eager to play with it.

    The layout is great and the controllers are very comfortable. However, I was disappointed with the joystick's movement. There is a significant deadspace around the centre of the stick which means you can't use small motions of the hand to move your plane by small amounts - you have to push a lot more than should be necessary to raise or lower the nose of your craft. This isn't down to sensitivity settings either!

    The throttle is better with adjustable stiffness though the range of setting isn't huge.

    The MFD is pretty much useless. It'll tell you the time, or you can use it as a stopwatch but that's about it. The only useful thing it does is tell you the key that a joystick button represents.

    My Squadron Commander joystick was better than the saitek in terms of sensitivity as well as having 10 buttons programmable in three modes.

    The blue leds were initially cool but after a while, they hurt your eyes (I play in the dark) so being able to set their brightness (all the way to 0) was nice.

    Go try this joystick in the shop first and if you like it, go buy the Pro version which is basically an improved, more refined version of this joystick.

  2.  Good...but not fantastic


    Bought this as a replacement for the Saitek P2500 Rumblepad which I've had for years, until recently the D-pad broke.

    The P2500 pad had a layout similar to the PS2 controller, with the analog controls at the bottom. The cyborg pad allows you to switch between X-box and PS layout using a button under the pad. This lifts the module out (silver bit in the pic) and you can switch it around.

    The controller itself is comfortable to hold and use. The analog sticks aren't as sensitive as I would like but the controls work well and the buttons are solid. Apart from the shoulder buttons, which feel very plasticky and unreliable, as well as being in an awkward position. Below them are two analog triggers (basically buttons with a lot more travel) that you can use for accelerating and braking in games.

    The FPS button (which remains lit up, annoyingly) allows you to use the right analog stick as a mouse controller. It's not brilliant and you need to get used to it to be able to make the most of it.

    As with other Saitek products, the gamepad is programmable so you set key presses or combos to each button. The rumble function is okay but nothing to write home about.

    All in all, a well-designed, comfortable controller that, on the whole, is well built, apart from the shoulder buttons which should have been more solid and means it gets only 4 stars, not 5.