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  1.  Truly Amazing


    If you don't already own this blue-ray i suggest you buy it 'It is truly amazing. Its hard to imagine places like Yellowstone still exist on earth considering the world we live in today. Before i die i would love to visit Yellowstone park but that remains a distant dream 'But with this HI-DEF DVD you could be looking through a window The picture is 'clear and crystal' almost 3D no matter how many times i watch this it never ceases to amaze me 'and we have ,Abraham Lincoln, to thank for it for keeping it 'Unsoiled and Untouched' by greed and power. buy this blue-ray and you will see a beautiful part of our planet and who knows one day you may make a difference.

  2.  three gteat movies


    There are plans to make another spidey movie so they say ,i dont know if its spiderman 4 or a complete reworking of the story? if it is a reworking then that would make sence...people say the last film left to many unanswered questions, but i think it answered all the questions. spiderman 3 was a good movie it rounded of a great trilogy so dont let reviews put you off buying this. The Blue ray transfer is brilliant..not a blemish in sight and great sound quality. add this to your collection, and i hope the next spidey movie can live up to the last three.

  3.  laptop compatible


    I fitted one of these in my ps3 works like a dream but can anyone tell me if it is compatible with my laptop an Acer 8930g would appreciate any help thx.

  4.  stunning


    what can you say about this movie that hasent already been said ,a movie that stands the test of time every time. great acting from a cast that most 'sadly if not all' are no longer with us. now...for the transfer to blue ray...'stunning' you could be watchin it on live tv its that clear. a must buy for anyones collection. witch brings the question when are they going to release SOLDIER BLUE the unedited vertion on blue ray?

  5.  great buy


    this is a good film that alot of people slated becouse of the ending. i guess you just have to open your mind and say 'hey why not who knows whats out there or whats to come' the fx are jaw dropping ,but the transfer to HD BLUE RAY is exselent the best iv'e seen so far ,crystal clear picture without a blemish on screen. RECOMENDED.

  6.  WOW 10/10


    OK now im no computer wizard but this sucker is probly the best thing you'll ever buy. nvidia geforce 9700m graphics card/ blue ray/ dolby home theatre/core2duo. the list goes on and on. you dont need a 42in wide screen with this...just drop it on your lap pop in a blue ray dvd and you have it all rite in front of you. with 320gb of HD there's more than enouph space for your downloads music and photo's. there's even ports for SSD cards and EXPRESS cards. NOW...the price...at just over £800 pounds 'witch may sound alot in todays climate' but you have a peice of equipment that will last you for many years to come and for me is more than well worth the price. so if your thinking of buying a laptop this is the one to buy...you wont be disapointed. well done PLAY.COM

  7.  cut


    can anyone tell me if this is the cut verstion or the unedited one?

  8.  psp


    thinkin of buyin some decent headphones these ones sound good but if anyone has bought them can you tell me if they are psp compatable?

  9.  six pack


    Recentley bought the madcatz psp pack this is a great buy it gives you everything you need for your psp and all for less than thirteen pounds. I recomend it.

  10.  looks good


    I would like to own a psp myself and mite invest in one this christmas. It seems to have good reviews too. To answer gingerpaddy 's question i would imagine you would download movies and such through your ps3 then transfer to your psp but dont quot me.