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  1.  Addictive


    Been on the game for 3 days early acces, playing as miraluca jedi consular and a twillek smuggler, game looks lovely, graphics are great. Really intuative levling system. Just feels so nice and being part of star wars universe is magic. You have to buy it, up to now its going to be huge.

  2.  good book bad reviews


    Dont deprive yourself a good creepy read, this book is very creepy and well written, many times I found myself looking over my shoulder. Very vividly written. Its up to you dont be put off be poor reviews. A modern horror classic.

  3.  Bombastic


    Another great book by Alex Scarrow, just so engrossing. One last chance for a German Victory. A small aircraft crew with a huge job to do against all the odds. If you see a copy buy it, its a cracking read.

  4.  Great Value


    Another great bargain from play, the book is superb all Lovecrafts important works. In bookshops this book is 20.00 if you have any interest in Lovecraft get it while its still avaliable here.

  5.  Cracking good yarn


    Great story of the young Sherlock Holmes before turning into the world famous detective. The book starts from when Sherlock leaving Deepdene school for boys for the summer and staying with his Aunty and uncle in Farnham and this is where his adventures begins. Well written and you really get to care about the Characters.
    I want to know more about the mysterious Mrs Eglantine and her links to the family.
    Great book that everyone will enjoy.

  6.  Just gets better


    The first book was a superb book, I passed it on to family members and they were hooked. Its not easy to top the first book but the Author has done it with day of the predator. I have not read such a good book in a long time. You really care about the characters, the story is so captivating with clever twists on time travel theory. The addition of Becks in this second book just made it amazing. I cant recommend this book and author enough, anyone you know love a good story point them to these books they will love your for it. Just so excited about the next book doomsday. 5 stars brillaint.

  7.  Frightfully good


    Firstly to the guy that says its dated and needs remaking total nonsense, thats like saying every film made in this era is dated and needs remaking. Fright night is one of those magic horror films that works so well nothing needs changing. The bonus of the film is that it has the late great Roddy McDowall playing such a wonderful character. The acting is good and the film has plenty of scares to make any horror fan happy. They dont make them like this anymore and at this price you would be a sucker not to buy this great film.

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     Claustrophobic Terror


    Very underated Horror film. Some great scares in this film, Good story and some decent acting. On a submarine there are very few places to hide and when you start hearing voices and think you have seen something it makes for great tension. This film has one of the best mirror sequences I have seen. Cracking film and good for a scare or two. One of the best Horrors to come out for a long time.

  9.  Interesting Character


    I have not played a point and click adventure game for quit a while after playing this game my interest in the genre has grown. I really loved the Character of Agent Nicole Bonnet, her method of investigation and her comments are very quirky. Reminds me a lot of Cate Walker from Syberia. The game itself is not without its faults, on certain scenes it becomes very sluggish to move Nicole, and often the conversations would be out of sync, but the puzzles in the game where mostly fun to do and the story was decent. I really enjoyed playing it and I am getting the follow up Art of Murder: Hunt For The Puppeteer. I recommend this game to lovers of Point and Click Adventures, and perhaps those who have never played one before this is a decent game to start.

  10.  Knockout Korean film


    This was my first blu ray purchase the film looks incredible. A superb exciting film which mixes action, humour and fantastic effects to make one great film. One of the best Monster action films ever.