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  1.  Useless or just unlucky!!!!!


    Bought one of these as a light and cheap watch to wear whilst skiing. Just wanted something to tell the time, northing fancy! Well after taking what seemed like forever to adjust the watch to the correct time zone and to get the watch function to tick I thought happy days! However, every day I wore the watch without fail it lost time and massively! One minute it was telling me the correct time and then the next it had jumped hours ahead to some random time! Adjust again and hey presto the same problem every time! I was this close to throwing it in the snow and being white I would never have to see it again but I may take the effort to return it for another one as I am hoping it was just a fault with mine? Thank god it was cheap is all I can say!!

  2.  Absolutely Superb!!


    This film had me glued and on the edge of my seat every step of the way! I was hooked! Neeson is outstanding in this role and was certainly the wrong man to pick a fight with! Amazing film and better still as based on a subject matter which, sadly is part of modern society. Buy or rent this film now as you will be thouroughly entertained and impressed!

  3.  Gripping!!


    Had read mixed reviews about this film and was aware of the aclaim it had achieved. I also appreciate what a fine actor Daniel Day Lewis is so had high expectations before watching the film. Well, I wasnt dissapointed. This film is superb and Daniel Day Lewis is magnificent in his role. Watching his dimise to what could only be seen as madness and his greed has you glued every step of the way. The finale is both shocking and imaginative to say the least. Loved this film and my only critisism, could not get along with the musical score, each to their own I guess!

  4. Ronnie



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    I bought this for my wife as she is a big fan and she read it whilst we were away on holiday last week. I finished the book I was reading at the same time she finished this book so we decided to swap books! I do like snooker but wouldnt say I was a big fan. Saying that though this book is superb and I finished it within 3 days! Definitely one of those books which once you start, you cannot put it down. Without doubt I now have far more respect for Ronnie O'Sullivan and shall make more effort to watch his forthcoming tournaments. This book will not dissapoint!

  5.  Dissapointing!


    Couldnt wait to watch this as a big fan of Michael Mann, HEAT being one of my all time favourite films directed by him. How dissapointed i was with this offering!!! First time watched it for about half an hour and then got bored, didnt have a clue what was going on and switched off the DVD. Gave it another go months later with an open mind. Watched about half the film and still bored and still havnt a clue what is going on!!!! This film is trying too hard to be arthouse and as a result looses the plot and any excitement! Nice cars and boats, that's about it!! Just glad I didnt have to endure watching this at the flicks!!!!