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  1.  Never new a zombie apocalypse could be sexy....


    Hands down, this is the sickest, most in-your-face abusive graphic novel I've read, and probably will read for a long while. The story revolves around a 3-day porn-shoot which happens during the midst of a zombie apocalypse, leaving the 'actors/actresses' to what's going on outside.

    The story goes through a heap load of plot twist, involving some very sick goings on, which I wont spoil by naming here. Taken lightheartedly though, the story can be very enjoyable, and there are definately a good few laugh-out-loud moments to be enjoyed.

    The artwork I couldn't get to total grips with. Yes, it looks the part, and yes, the tones are very well done. The line art however, appears a little messy and lacking detail in places. This does not detract from the enjoyment of this book though.

    For fans of zombie books, and sick goings-ons (you know who you are!)

  2.  Kirkman/Moores' usual formula


    After becoming a huge fan of kirkmans scripting, and moore's beatiful artwork, i decided to pick up this, one of their earlier collaberations, and i have to say, it's fantastic.

    Brit is a regular supersoldier, working for the government, a one-man killing machine. The trouble is, he's old, and his only superpower is invulnerability (he has the strength of any average-joe). This makes for a few fantastic fight sequences, and a myriad of jokes based around these character flaws.

    The artwork is sublime, moore's usual mix of neat lines, pseudo-anime character art, and deep and vibrant tones.

    Needless to say, this is a fantastic book, and any fans of walking dead/battle pope should pick this up immediately

  3.  Unbelievably good


    The lovechild of the genius that is Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead), and the seminal artist Tony Moore (XXXombies), this book delivers blistering action, bags of humour, and some of the best one-liners in graphic novel history.

    Yes, its fairly short, and cheesy in places, but thats what makes it appealing. It cuts out all the bull, and delivers a story that is ridiculously easy to follow.

    Recommended to the highest degree

  4.  holy plot twist!


    I for one have been pining for this series to come to print, and it has been worth the wait.
    The whole monkey-verse theme has been handled very light-heartedly, leaving a story that is amusing and fun to follow, without the reader questioning any cohesion or continuation through the book. That is not to say that the plot is not deep and involving, because heck, it really is! There are a few really big plot twists, which are not only very unpredictable, but also stop the book from falling under a cliched formula.
    I had great fun reading this book, and a chuckle here and there. Also, by the end, it felt like a lot of ground had been covered, despite the 5-issue length.
    I cannot recommend this book enough, one of the best Marvel mini-series I have encountered yet.

  5.  Unexpectedly good


    I was a little sceptical of the latest Zombies volume, due to the lack of Kirkman as writer. It felt like the series may have lost it's steam and Marvel were just pushing out more books for revenues sake. Well, I ate my own words, like zombies eat brains!
    The story, despite only consisting of 4 issues, covers a lot of ground, is coherent, and frenetic in it's approach. The artwork is fantastic, and contains plenty of *wow* moments.
    On the flipside however, this volume ends with a rather weak cliffhanger (yes they're doing a fourth!), and only lightly touches on events from the previous books.
    All in all, well worth a read for long-time fans of the series.

  6.  Dealing with the aftermath


    Walking Dead remains a fantastic series, and this book is no exception. It deals with the consequences of the previous book well, and Carl and Rick get a great deal of screen time, showing decent character progression.

    My only gripe would be the span of the book. Not a whole lot happens from beginning to end, especially compared to the previous few books. That being said, the ending sets up a tantalising glimpse into where the series may be heading.

  7.  Epic


    1100 pages of pure genius. Kirkman is a fantastic writer, and it shows with this series. Despite already spanning over 50 comics, the series stays fresh and original. The fact that Kirkman pulls no punches helps a lot. Often times, characters are fleshed out and given entire back stories, before being killed off without remorse.

    There is no doubt that this is an adult book, containing the same amounts of gut-exploding, limb-removing, bloody violence as the best zombie movies out there.

    While I personally prefer Moore's artwork (only present in the first part of the book), the rest still looks great. The entire thing is black and white, back-to-back, but it's well shaded and the detail in each frame is finely balanced, so it never gets tiring to read.

    In essence, any zombie fan, or anyone looking for an involving and long-running series should definately check this out.

  8.  Good ol' reliable Neca


    Anyone familiar with Neca will know that their action figures are always of fantastic quality. This is no different. The sculpt is fantastic, joints are hidden pretty well (but articulation is great), and the whole thing feels very durable. I also love the inclusion of a pistol, which is also very well made.
    The claw extends (thanks to a spindle of cord in the arm). Remarkably, you can actually hang him from his claw, with adequet grip to take his full weight.
    The only point to mention is that the joints on the claws fingers can pop off sometimes. It can become infuriating during posing, but they always pop back on easily enough.

  9.  cheap as chipolatas!


    Received this today, and very pleased. It's a great qualiy lovely thick polo, very understated. Plus, it sells for around double this price elsewhere.

    It is quite slim fitting though, even for a kinny runt like me.

  10.  Seminal album


    One of the best post-hardcore bands to have graced this earth, this album is the perfect mix of melodies, synth, screamo, and excellent riffing. Sadly very unknown outside the States, I really reccommend picking up this, or their newer self-titled album