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  1.  Basic but nice


    decent enough T-shirt... lasted me about a year before the image faded.

  2.  Surprised they havent done better


    Wonderland are a great Irish all Female Group... This is a good album and i'm shocked they havent done better in the charts and grown their fans....Certainly worth buying this album... I enjoyed it...

  3.  it is what it is


    To coin a phrase "It does what it says on the tin".. it's a 16gig micro sd card.... and thats exactly what you get.... simples!

  4.  Can't understand the hype


    When I heard the HYPE around this game I was so excited. I've loved all the Naughty Dog Uncharted series and when I heard the idea around this game with crafting and suvival post apocalyptic type I thought ..MINT..

    Then reading the reviews of constant 5/5 perfect ratings and even xbox mags saying its worth buying a ps3 JUST for this game. I thought WOW this must be something special.

    Now I may be getting old (35) having played computer/console games since their birth and working in the industry as well but I was so underwhelmed. It might be the fault of the HYPE which has surrounded this or just the truth.. I have some very good friends who work at SONY in the games dept and they feel the same as me.. EG they are worried that the game isnt going to stand up to the hype that has come with it.

    Unfortunately they are right. out of 10 I'd give it a 4.5 . HONESTLY...

    The Story is tame and so predictable its such a shame.

    The gameplay itself is rinse repeat sneak in the dark avoid xyz.. NO FREE roaming at all.. I was hoping for more. combat in a box.. some setup so you cant avoid them others setup so easy its harder to fight them than avoid them... So many faults like the AI not noticing your traveling companions despite standing right next to them and a crafting is so basic I really dont see the point.. why not just have more med packs and shivs laying around rather then simply picking up sissors and bandages selotape and alcohol to make them.
    Waste of time.

    Graphics are decent enough , sound is decent enough... just a shame really as they could have made this so so good... To be honest the 3 Uncharted games are all far better.... this is a bad combo of Uncharted with dead Island terrible clicking zombies and making weapons..

    I wanted GTA free roaming...... Shops to barter and trade with.... proper schematics and free option crafting and selling with a more liberal story that grows with your character........ you get none of this!

    Granted I wasnt EXPECTING it just more that I wanted more from the uncharted series as this is simply that but with a new story

    No doubt the Fan boi's will jump on this rating... but i'm sorry it's just not that good and certainly not good enough.

  5.  look good but thats it


    I've had to send my jacket back. The sizing chart is too small. buy it a bigger version to what you think you might need and it's too thin.. I was expecting a thick winter jacket when it actually quiet thin.and it does stink of plastic...other than that it actually looks good which is why i wanted it in the first place...