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  1.  Black Ops 2


    Campaign 5/10
    I will start by saying that the campaign was decent, feels very cinematic and has a good story line but no real twists and you can kinda tell what is going to happen before it does even with the choices that make very little difference to the game on a whole. However if like me you play the story before going online you will be very disappointing with the guns you can use but more on that later.

    Zombies 7/10
    The saving grace of this game, always loved zombies and the addition of grief and tranZit is good. Although the maps are terrible in my opinion and don't live up to maps in the other games.

    Multiplayer 2/10
    Oh dear...........will start by saying that the best map is the bonus map from the old black ops and they have just taken it down and haven't played it since and don't no weather it will be back.
    Well the multi player is absolutely dreadful..... guns are inconsistent, you can put a clip into another player and he wont die and will turn around, shoot you once and your dead. The game has changed from being the right pace to very quick reaction based play that will leave you either doing really well by spawn killing the other team or you being trapped at spawn being killed within 10 seconds. The choice of guns are poor with only the guns from the future being used, much to my disappointment after playing the campaign. The maps differ this time, from some great ones that have sniper spots and close quarters to maps that are just dreadful....
    I say all this after playing all of the other call of duty's and don't moan because i am bad at them all if you really want to call me on that add me =p phil1251

    Annoyed that i got this game after being peer pressured into it by some friends that where getting it, will be selling the game very soon, would reccomend that you rent it for the campaign and the slight novelty of zombies but would stay well away from the worst COD multi player yet.