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  1.  Dont expect too much


    This film follows suit with the recent spate of Stallone remakes. It is high on action and low on story. If you can switch off before watching it and accept the fact it is nothing but a puerile homage to late 80s action heros then there is enough here to warrant one watch. The problem with this film is it is too over whelmed with past it action stars and just feels like a vessel for them to continue making the same low par nonsense they were making 20 years ago. It brings nothing new to the table and although for some this will be the biggest reason to watch for other the biggest reason to switch off. Stathom and Jet Li feel out of place in the cast and overrall the film feels as tired and worn as the combined age of the cast.

  2.  Best of the worst


    This outing for the crew of Forks is easily the best of the three films thus far but that really isn't saying alot considering what the first two had to offer. The lead characters are miscast and the film often plods along at a poor pace. Many of the action sequence are slightly sub par but mark a significant leap from the first two films. Although sticking closer to the source material this is still a dull and often drippy film thanks to female protagonist. Fans of the book will likely rejoice at more screen time for their over rated objects of obsession but for the rest of the cinematic lovers out there this should be on the list of things to bypass.

  3.  Geek-fest


    Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is an excellent and easy to pick up feature film as well as a companion and introduction to the graphic novels. The film is a non stop homage to gaming and geekiness Drawing heavy influence from video games and anime with a heavy leaning towards Nintendo. From theme songs lifted from classic Nintendo games to clothing that feature logos from gaming history such as the Tri-Force. Michael Cera's performance is both awkward and easy to relate to and it lends a great deal of believability to his immature and love struck character. The supporting cast are excellent especially Chris Evans Brandon Routh and Kieran Culkin. Some of the female support seem to get lost in the story with forgettable and weak performances from Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Anna Kendrick however Ellen Wong seems to shine brightly with her obsessive and slightly crazy role. All in all this film is well worth multiple watches with new elements coming out with the second and third sittings.

  4.  Essential retro gaming


    Mario All-Stars was a pinnacle game for the Super Nintendo as the original 3 games were for the NES. As stated by another review the graphics have not been enhanced in any way since their revamp for the SNES back in the 90s. This for me was a good thing as too many changes and enhancements start to detract from the original charm. Super Mario Bros 3 still remains one of my favorite platform gaming experiences to this day and regardless of picture quality on a HDTV (which really isnt that bad at all) will remain a firm favorite with many people.

  5.  Legendary WII Debut


    Twilight Princess carries on the tradition of excellence set out by Links outings on the N64, although the graphics are only slightly better than its GameCube counterpart, the new control methods more than make up for this. The game play is solid, the story is involving and (although Clichéd at parts) is fresh and engrossing. I could not recommend this game highly enough, the only down side is i actually had to finish it...

  6.  Excellent, just not quiet thousand year door


    Playing through this game is very enjoyable, it keeps in with the ethos set out in the two original games Intelligent Systems made for gamecube and n64, although it does not have the great Role play feel of the previous two games. Excellent in its own merit, but not quiet as good as the originals.

  7.  Amazing story with punch...


    Crying Fist is another example of why Korean cinema is so widely regard as the new Hollywood, Choi min-shik and Ryoo Seung-wan's performances as always, above par. The story charts the rise of two people who have hit rock bottom and are looking to get themselves back of their feet. A must watch