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  1.  Solid Shooter


    best to buy this game now as the major patches and fixes have been done. bear in mind TWI is a small team and what they've achieved in this game is nothing short of breathtaking. It is a realistic shooting game, it's not your arcadey ADHD chaos on a disc that BF3 or COD2 is. I can say, after completing BF3 it too has a single player simply bolted on and is mainly multi player orientated as is RO2.

    The graphics on full are decent enough, with nice lighting effects, decent weapon details and costume details. Landscape textures are ok, but nothing really jaw dropping.

    The levels are varied and nice, more content to be added shortly and the modding community is also getting to work, so this will, in time be like Killing Floor with a whole host of new player made maps for everyone to enjoy.

    Combat is very gritty and realistic, no health regen. Bandages to cover wounds (if you can do it in time). 1 or 2 shots usually kills you, unlike BF3, which even on hardcore mode seems far too simplistic.

    I'll admit this game has had a host of issues since start, the release date should have been delayed a further month, some people still get server browsing issues. Best to right click steam icon in your task bar and click servers, to locate and join RO2 games that way.

    All in all its a solid game, not comparable to BF3 or COD as it's not intended for kids. This is more for ARMA and Ghost Recon fans as it takes strategy and patience to excel and not relient on mindless running and gunning techniques

  2.  Average


    It's an ok game. More of the same from the previous Forza. Lighting effects are moderately better but make the cars look too shiney and unrealistic. The rest hasn't really changed, textures are muddy up close, the new levels are reliant on photo backdrops to try and appear realistic. Graphics are still average on the whole. People praise this as one of the finest looking xbox games but I come form a PC gaming background so i'm not as easily impressed.

    They've made the game too easy with bonuses, too much cash payouts, 100% discount on parts after levelling up your car level and random exp bonuses. By an early level you're rolling in cash, and with the choice of cars per level up everythings made too eays from the start. It's just a dumbed down experience to cater to the console kid generation.

    The car handling is somewhat nicer but it's still not a challenging game with all the assists off. At least you can remove the rewind feature which really did remove this from being a simulator in Forza 3 in my opinion. Still it's a shame that, as with any console game, anti aliasing is none existent as is really required when playing on a large screen.

    All in all it's more of the same. Certainly preferable to GT5 as this is actually a finished game and doesn't have "premium cars" and other's simply ported from the previous game. But it's a short lived game. Half way through the races and character levels in a solid days gaming due to all these exp and cash bonuses....boring.

  3.  Below Average


    19 hours completion time. 30+ if you do everything I assume. Directx9 graphics for the consoles and unfortunately PC gamers alike. I hope a DX10 or 11 patch is released but I doubt it. Muddy textures up close, adequate lighting effects. In general subs-standard graphics (of course characters look a bit more detailed). Don't believe the graphics praising, it's console gamer banter and people who are probably blind or easily pleased.

    To put it bluntly it's Dead Rising 2 in 1st person mode with fewer zombies. There's a tiny variation of enemies - zombies (either wlaking or running), poisonous zombies, a fat vomitting zombie, a suicide bomber zombie, the straight jacket ram zombie and the thug, a zombie without hands who's a bit hyper, "punks" who are uninfected and usually carry guns and the end boss who was just another thug but who could run.

    Weapons break too quickly and by the end of the game you're spending over 2k on repairs per weapon. Combat tip that'll see you through over half the game. Spring, jump kick (zombie falls over), one hit in the head with a powerful blunt weapon (zombie dead), rinse repeat throughout 70% of the game....boring.

    Carrying 12 weapons made it too easy from the start and unlimited amount of misc items to make stuff with. Although Dead Rising had misc and weapons within the same menu, this made it somewhat of a challenge, even though that game was far too easy as well. Online co-op is ok, unless you're a higher level then everyone else struggles because the zombies are at your level and it just causes issues.Driving was unrealistic, reminded me of Saints Row where cars have unrealistic grip. Visual damage to vehicles is verging on non existent. I mean cars smoke, windows get damaged etc but crashing is unrealistic, nothing you hit gets moved or anything. Shooting out of cars whilst a passenger was quite fun.

    Good points - some nice variations of locations, shooting whilst a passenger in a car....that's about all the good points I can think of.

    All in all a mediocre game, some replayability, depends what you go for in a game but for me this was boring, far too easy and just never pay attention to hype.

  4.  Testosterone fest


    This film is rather average. Of course it's loosley based on a historical event, as all Hollywood historical films are. The violence is highly stylized to the point of annoyance. It makes use of near enough every cliche and stereotype in cinema and narrative. The use of electric guitar riffs was infuriating, it doesn't make for a "cool" image, it's rather laughable.

    There's a large amount of CGI as with most modern films, impressive in some places but also easy to spot making it all the more tedious. The acting isn't the best, but you can't expect much from historical films these days. It's more about melodrama and over the top battle scenes as opposed to any real depth of historical accuracy. It attempts to make a contemporary legend of a historical battle, especially owing to the fact it's Classical history I think director's think they can be a little more frievelous with what small amounts of factual evidence there is...still it's annoying.

    But as with all hollywood films it's easy watching, moderately entertaining and little else.

  5.  Average all round


    I have this on PC but Play seem to lack the PC listing and I refuse to use a console for FPS games when a mouse is far superior for aiming. So where to start, well all around it's below average. After 10 years of playing FPS games I expect something with some depth. The intro was choppily put together and quite styalized I was expecting something quite cool. Good to see at least one game admitting the US funded Al Qaeda and constantly making their same paranoid induced mistakes as always (please read a history book you American politicians.)

    But after listening to the Commander for 5 minutes I could tell this would be the usual cliched All American, Apple Pie, Testosterone Fuelled, Nauseatingly Patriotic nonesense. The graphics are below average, comprabale to a 5 year old PC game (i'm being generous), and this is on PC which looks better than console, but console are holding back the progresison of games with their 5 year old hardware.

    Gameplay wise, well I'm no COD fan anymore, it's gone down hill since the first Modern Warefare and I shan't be buying their pompous money making garbage anymore. Running and gunning is tedious, and FPS is a genre well over a decade. Even though the present console gamers seem to idolize this old stagnent genre.

    I do prefer tactical shooters but this brings nothing new to the table, your team AI has been run over multiple times by the stupid train, the enemies lack any real presense or intimidation value, it's the usual enemies of america adorned in matress covers and tea towels and AK's and no doubt some foul language hurled at you in Arabic.

    Completing the game was actually a chore as I really couldn't stand the overtly American'ness to it all, also the tactical side of things felt clunky and lacking any real depth to it, at least it's not COD style you have to lead the charge whilst your AI cowers behind a sandbag waiting for the all clear.

    It lacked the whole cinematic cgi fest that COD and more recently Crysis 2 subject players (which is a blessing, I don't need the game to be played for me) to but still it felt like quite a hollow game all in all. Preferabble to run and gun games but still a below average mish mash of American muscle flexing, basic tactical gameplay and overall beige quality

  6.  Console benchmark at PC gamers expense


    So 5 years on consoles get their benchmark game. Where as PC gamers get another poorly planned console port. Muddy textures up close, a Directx 9 release as opposed to Crysis 5 years ago being Directx 10, a lack of physx, no prone stance, laser sights considered a scope option? A lack of free roaming maps replaced with penned in environments and an unhealthy desire to playout the COD style "cinematic" gameplay. After you've played enough uninspired FPS games no matter how they try to dazzle you with explosions and destruction it's a half hearted attempt at making a game exciting when gameplay should be the key concern not a CGI orgy.

    Can't help but feel we've been dealt a bad hand. Crysis 2 (should be named 3) is a money making ploy for the console market. Impressive they've optomised this for consoles but PC gamers suffer badly. A Directx 11 patch is coming out for PC gamers however this should have been on release, again prooving a rushed release of this game.

    A suit that tells you what to do and an enemy AI that's been hit with the stupid train adds even more to this melancholy experience. There are some benefits, but they're few and far between, kicking cars, armour mode HUD surround and such like. But suit mods and being hand held with tutorials throughout the game and a linear map are treating us like we're children and making the game too easy.

    All in all i'm not impressed, let the console kids consider this to be an FPS revolution, we've played the real Crysis 5 years ago, this is just a money making re-hash. The Directx patch might show a bit of promise, but all in all Crytek should've stuck to cater to the PC community.

    Luckily battlefield 3 have confirmed it's being built from the ground up for PC, sorry Crytek but looks like you've sold out.

  7.  Cringeworthy


    This is a decent DVD, it's a bit short in all honesty with only 5 episodes. I had to watch it through twice as the first time I didn't laugh at all, I was mainly cringing at how awkward every scene was. After a second viewing I did find it hilarious but he manages to create such a horrid atmosphere with so many of his characters I just couldn't watch it the first time round. All in all it is a decent series, unfortunately some of the masks he wears aren't convincing at all, especially george which is a shame as it was definately my fav character from Fonejacker. I'm impressed by his bravery at being able to act out these characters in public.

  8. Skate 3

    Skate 3

    Xbox 360

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     A backwards step?


    I did enjoy Skate 3 but there's a lot of things I felt were slightly off with this game. First off well I completed it in an evening on hardcore mode. It took an hour to get used to not having the subtle help of being moved onto ledged for grinds and not getting as much air from your tricks but this was somethign I preferred, it made me realize how much Skate was like tony hawks in that it really does help you alot in lining up grinds automatically.

    The new camera guy following you around is somehow more annoying than the guy in Skate 2. Maybe it's because I just am not a fan of the US male accent (do they ever reach puberty?)

    Bails...now when its done slowly I like how you can control his stumbling movement, but as soon as you build momentum i.e. for hall of meat challenges it makes it too easy I feel compared to Skate 2. You get too much momentum and the bails just end up being ridiculous, for instance hold forwards and keep rolling and rolling at high speed, then yank the analogue backwards and you take off...I mean come on, physics people?

    The soundtrack is more hideous than the previous one, a few choice tracks which floated my boat, the track change feature is good but I still could only stomach it for an hour before switching back to my music on my Xbox HDD.

    The graphics are the same, infact I see more tearing and glitchyness in this game than Skate 2, especially in terms of the park editor.

    The park editor itself is very similar to THPS and was the selling point for me for this game, but it's not enough.

    But the big issue, where is split screen multiplayer? Because I think there is NONE. My net connection makes Live unplayable thus this might be a biased review, however all in all I still prefer skate 2.


  9.  Nice title


    Decent enough game, nice setting, large open map. But basically its GTA, plays like it, acts like it and I know in time i'll get bored of it just as I did with GTA.

    The graphics are quite nice, but I'm annoyed it didnt come out on PC as the anti-aliasing isn't up to par especially noticeable on a large screen.

    The auto aim and dead aim just makes aiming all too easy on console gamers.

    The missions are good and varied, the cattle ranching, horse capturing, mini games and unlockable perks are good fun.

    And just how polite is everyone in the Wild West?

    Getting drunk is hilarious, the balancing factor for breaking in horses and being drunk and also flaling down hills is spot on.

    All in all a fun game

  10.  Not bad


    Its much the same as the first Bioshock, slightly better rendered textures graphics and lighting. But all the similar enemies, plasmids etc I found a bit repeatative. Plus although this game is very atmospheric and at times unnerving it isn't scary. maybe because I live for horror films and games. The first one had its jumpy moments but I fail to be unnerved by this game when you know you're a Big Daddy with a massive drill for an arm it seems to just shatter the whole atmosphere of the game for me cos you know that anything you come across will be not match for your character. Still its a nice enough game, yes its short but so are all games nowadays and if you want a long game people know full well to stick to RPG's.